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See inside the Gladstone Hotel’s food-themed room designed by Bob Blumer

See inside the Gladstone's food-themed room designed by Bob Blumer

(Image: Gladstone Hotel)

Food Network Canada host (and self-professed “gastronaut”) Bob Blumer has designed the ultimate foodie hideaway for the Gladstone Hotel. He’s currently in town to show off his imaginative, snack-based space. We can’t decide whether its extremely cool or slightly creepy.

While the hotel-cum-art-hub prides itself on its themed chambers, Blumer’s less subtle addition was clearly designed by his inner child. Dubbed the “Surreal Gourmet Room” (after Blumer’s popular Food Network show), it boasts marshmallow pillows, a closet lined with Froot Loops and a swiss-cheese ceiling. Photos of food mascots, shot by local photographer Fausta Facciponteobserve the action: Pillsbury Dough Boy guards the television, a massive Mr. Peanut watches over the bed and the Trix Rabbit supervises the kitchen area. Naturally, the kitchenette is kitted out with hotel luxuries, like a vintage blender for morning smoothies. For entertainment, Blumer has chosen ten of his favourite food-related DVDs, including a John Cleese wine tutorial. Here, a peek inside the fun, food-themed room.