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Quoted: an anti-park-drinking baby boomer on the dangers of hipster boozing at Bellwoods

Trinity Bellwoods

(Image: jomagpie)

A trip to the park is not a pleasurable thing anymore. It’s a question of ‘Am I going to step on a beer bottle? Am I going to get wounded? Is somebody going to be smoking pot and am I going to have to inhale it?’

–A 56-year-old Queen West resident speaking at the Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood meeting last night on the myriad threats to her personal safety from beer-swilling hipsters and their noxious, wayward clouds of pot fumes. [Toronto Star]

  • Mark Shannon


  • n8g

    …move to Oakville then? Have you never walked down a city street?

  • Doug

    is it asking too much for them to put their trash in the trash bins?

  • crumbs

    Too funny, that quote reads like satire.

  • geezloueez

    this pretty much sums up the suburban attitude of ppl who ARENT from the city . its not your playground to shit and puke all over . some ppl are actually FROM here and choose to live peaceful lives here ! a bit of grafitti does not mean its a free for all live like a stupid a**hole fest

  • droos

    i really wish they would clean trinity b of all those slack lining circus wannabees. those guys are the worst.