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10 best Toronto ramen restaurants

Ramen is Toronto’s comfort food of the moment. A flurry of serious new noodle shops—some imported from Japan and Vancouver, others homegrown—opened this year, satisfying the pickiest of ramen nerds. Below, the 10 richest, most satisfying bowls in town.

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Where to find Toronto ramen:

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  • meme yeung

    you completely left Konnichiwa off of the list

  • meme yeung

    What about Ajisen Ramen?!?! this article is pure amateur hour here, these places have been around and thriving for years

  • Just Saying

    Konnichiwa serves frozen packaged Ramen you can get in a Korean store. And Ajisan imports soup base mixes from Japan full of sodium and chemicals, and their noodles are not Alkaline based nor do they make them in house.

  • JQ

    Ajisen is crap! Why even mention that meme yeung

  • Kyle

    yea, well Ajisen ain’t even legit Ramen. Clearly you’re not a foodie.

  • Gabriel Kwan Po Leung

    I think Meme Yeung is one of those people who has never travelled to Japan nor tasted a bowl of authentic Ramen noodles. In the same category of people who thinks Mandarin and Manchuwok is real chinese food

  • Lemontwist

    If you never had real good Ramen, you would think Ajisen Ramen is good i guess.