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Toronto’s shark fin ban is overturned by the courts

It’s back! (Image: avlxyz)

That didn’t last long: on Friday, the Ontario Superior Court overturned the ban on the sale of shark fins, which city council passed with overwhelming support last October. Following the reasoning of a city staff report that cast doubt on Toronto’s authority to enact such a ban, Justice James Spence found that as cruel as the practice of finning may be, “the ban will not by itself have any identifiable benefit for Toronto with respect to the environmental well-being of the city.” The court challenge was brought by four members of the city’s Chinese business community, who argued that the ban unfairly targeted their ethnic group. Unsurprisingly, councillors such as Glenn De Baeremaeker and Kristyn Wong-Tam have voiced their dismay at the decision, and have said the city may appeal the ruling. We can only imagine that Sir Richard Branson is not impressed either. [Toronto Star]

  • June

    Should give you some idea of the power that the wealthy Chinese have in Toronto, who have been working behind the scenes to overturn this ruling. Culturally, it proves beyond all doubt that they have zero understanding of how their antiquated displays of social status impact on the planet.

  • menudo

    then move out of toronto if you don’t like it. they have taken over, you know that right? they run this town. from the lake to markham and now even into oakville. they cannot be stopped.

  • Awicht

    sucks to be you, everything is rich Chinese, eh

  • Chuck

    The sad thing is that shark fins and the practice of shark finning is horrible for our planet. Sharks are one of the top preditors in the ocean (if not the top) and with the reduction of the shark population, we’re just messing up our planet more.

    Just bull to use the arguement the law is targeted at an ethnic group. Stop killing sharks at such alarming rates!! wtf people

  • dumdo

    finning is wrong but it is not up to toronto to ban it. it is up to the federal government to do it.

  • S.Stern

    Wow. FOUR members of the chinese business community. FOUR can overturn a ban that pretty much everyone agrees with. Shameful.

  • Awicht

    We are protect under the charter of Right. It’s under the federal government jurisdiction, the city has no power to legislate by-law. Millions of Africians died of hunger every day,why don’t those activists do something for true cause instead of worrying about shark fin soup. We can not eat or drink what we want because some activists think they own the world.

  • Najmah

    Educate yourself. Watch “Sharkwater”. Tradition is strong but we have to change our behaviour as we change this planet. At the end of the day, it is not about what you and I can eat. It is about profits. The rest is pretext.