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A culinary tour of some of this year’s deep-fried wonders at the CNE

We hopped off the Bathurst 511 streetcar and entered the not-so-pearly gates of the CNE with our eyes fixed on the Food Building in the distance. No, not even the “Guess Your Age/Height/Weight” carny could draw us away from our mission, or from the wafting smell of deep-fried goodness. Stepping inside, the very first thing we saw: Pull’d, home of Jack’d, a red velvet pancake sandwich, and Stack’d, a pulled pork sandwich with pierogies. How could we resist?

Name: Jack’d
What is it?: Pulled pork layered between three thick red velvet pancakes, doused (they’re not joking) in Jack Daniel’s-infused syrup and topped, naturally, with a chunk of butter
Tastes like: Last year’s Krispy Kreme Doughnut Burger, dressed up like a lady in red. In a very bad way. This little lady is just as soggy and corn syrup-laden as the doughnut burger, but with a revolting smoky barbecue flavour to finish it off
Price: $12
Where to find it: Pull’d, CNE Food Building
Regret-o-meter: 10/10

(Meter image: xlibber)