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The New York Times shows Toronto ever more love

The New York Times seems to have a bit of an infatuation with Toronto of late, and we have to say, we’re liking it. The most recent article provides travellers with an itinerary of restaurants, shops and landmarks to swing by during a brief 36-hour stay in the city (not unlike the concept of Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover, filmed in town recently). The article suggests stops in Kensington Market (Urban Herbivore, Sublime Cafe, Thirsty and Miserable and Embassy Bar), on Ossington (I Miss You, Bellwoods Brewery), Queen Street West (Ursa, Terroni and Trinity Bellwoods Park) and Dundas West (The Black Hoof and Hoof Raw Bar), among others. West-enders planning an upcoming staycation should check this out. Read the entire article [New York Times] »

  • Jonathan.b

    I find it funny how when someone from NYC pays attention to Toronto some people there seem to care so much about it, meanwhile if a major toronto based publication pays attention to NYC you’d be lucky to find it in the back of the NY Post. You guys should really stop obsessing about NYC and what people there think and do your own thing.

    Last time I went condo shopping my realtor kept hyping NY style condos, or Loft like apartments like the one’s you find in Soho. And when we entered the loby of a building smack in the center of downtown Toronto I noticed a bunch of pictures/paintings of a certain skyline hanging on the walls, and on closer inspection I realized that they were none other than NYC’s skyline.

    C’mon Toronto! You need to get a personality of your own and stop trying to imitate NY. Fact is you’ll never become like NYC but hey you can be Toronto!

  • LeDor

    I agree with Jonathan. I want to move to NYC one day, but the thing that bothers me about Toronto is it tries so hard to be New York, yet fails and will never be. You are correct, just be Toronto.

  • AnonymousToronto

    No worries Jonathan.b, people like you and me could give a rodent’s behind about what others think about this city. Like you and millions of other Torontonians in this city region, we roll our eyes every time our local media flags every kudo (even when it’s a puff piece 36-hour article they do for many cities) from an international media outlet.

    Remember, it’s only the media who created this need to be like NYC, London, etc. While the rest of the city’s regular citizens have a pretty clear idea that we are simply Toronto, warts and all. There must be something right considering statistics clearly show Greater Toronto continues to expand in population downtown as well as the suburbs.

  • opl

    Inferiority complex

  • re-electrobford?areyoumad

    my fave quote is from steve martin when he guested on 30 rock….toronto is just like new york but without all the stuff.

  • Diana

    I don’t believe Toronto is trying to be like any other city. It has its own unique down to earth vibe and I think that is what makes it most appealing to Torontonians. If anything, it is just growing to accommodate the population, it’s not trying to be any other city. Don’t you ever change Toronto :)

  • Emily

    Many of Canada’s cities have a complex. Saskatoon wannabe Calgary. Calgary wannabe Toronto. Toronto wannabe NYC. The coasts are the only places with a true and inherant sense of identity.

  • re-electrobford?areyoumad

    not true, vancouver wanna be left alone with lower house prices and the east coast wanna be employed….