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CNN Travel lists the St. Lawrence Market as one of the world’s 10 best fresh markets

(Image: b.m.a.n. from the Flickr pool)

The St. Lawrence Market is having a moment: not only did celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain recently stop by to film a segment for The Layover, but CNN Travel also included the market in its roundup of the world’s 10 best fresh markets. It’s always nice to see the Toronto landmark back in the spotlight (in 2009 National Geographic dubbed it the number one food market in the world in Food Journeys of a Lifetime)—but we were surprised to read the list of items that “Toronto locavores” allegedly swing by the market to pick up. In addition to fresh produce, homemade pies and freshly baked bread (the usual suspects on any shopping list), “elk, venison and other locally sourced game” made the cut. Sure, we know the market shills even more exotic meats, but there’s the distinct sense that CNN sees Torontonians as living in some kind of bountiful northern wilderness where forest-grown, game-y dishes abound. [CNN]