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The CNE announces this year’s deep-fried and bacon-laden indulgences

From last year’s fried-things coverage, complete with Regret-o-metre (Image: Gizelle Lau)

Each year, we fear and anticipate in equal measure the arrival of whatever new deep-fried offerings and culinary innovations the folks at the CNE have managed to round up. This year’s lineup of indulgences, which will be available starting August 17, includes the return of such delicacies as the Krispy Kreme Burger, the Colossal Onion and the following deep fried items: butter, Mars bars, PB&J, the ever-controversial Cola and mac-‘n’-cheese. What really caught our eye on the press release, however, was the arrival of Bacon Nation. Expect sandwiches made with Nutella bacon and Jack Daniels bacon, deep-fried bacon–covered hotdogs, a bacon parfait, bacon sundae, bacon popcorn and even meat candy (that’s chocolate-covered bacon and candied bacon). Oh, and also new this year: raw vegan food. See the full lineup [CNE] »