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KFC proves that even though you can put cheese on everything, you probably shouldn’t

We imagine a KFC board meeting took place not too long ago that went something like this: “Hey, our novelty sandwiches are losing steam. What can we do to best our Chicken Bowls and the Double Down? How can we take our over-the-top offerings one step further?” The answer was clear and, lo and behold, the “Cheese Top Burger” is now a menu item. The CTB is available exclusively in the Philippines, and consists of a piece of breaded chicken with garlic Parmesan dressing on a bun, topped with a slice of melted processed cheese. We’ve nicknamed it the Bad Morning Burger. (So, the opposite of this.)

  • Beth

    So what’s the big deal? It’s just cheese on top of bread. Nothing crazy or too unusual.

  • sherwin

    it costs less than a dollar. with a drink! get over it.

  • whatwilltheythinkofnext

    isn’t the whole point of a bun to hold the ingredients of a sandwich inside?

  • John Wayne

    Take the chef out back and shoot ‘em