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Kraft’s Pride Oreo spurs stupid people to go cuckoo bananas (including calls to boycott a cookie—yes, a cookie)

(Image: Kraft Facebook)

Apparently, Rob Ford isn’t the only round thing with a mushy white middle stirring up controversy around Pride Week this year. Kraft, maker of the Oreo cookie, inadvertently started a brouhaha of its own when it posted a picture of a cookie with rainbow-coloured icing—accompanied by the slogan “Proudly support love!”—to its official Facebook page as part of its 100-year anniversary celebrations for the Oreo (happy birthday to you, delicious little biscuit!). Unfortunately, the Interwebs went a little insane over the loud-and-proud sweet, with hundreds of homophobic comments piling up on Kraft’s page, including a call to boycott the brand for its support of gay rights (one more sensible commenter noted he wouldn’t buy this particular cookie because of the absurd amount of stuffing—to which we say, yes, that is a good reason not to buy a cookie). Thirteen hours later, Kraft pulled the picture down, along with the thread of bigoted remarks. Undeterred, other gay-positive, cookie-affirming, soon-to-be-diabetic Internet crazies have started an online petition demanding the company produce the real thing. [National Post]

UPDATE: Kraft’s Pride Oreo Facebook post is back (and so too are all the comments)! Check it out [Facebook] »