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Colonel Sanders’ autobiography available for free on Facebook

(Image: Courtesy KFC)

The autobiography of Colonel Harland Sanders that we told you about last year is now available for download to anyone willing to publicly “Like” KFC on their Facebook page and then download their Facebook app. Inside is a fascinating look at the larger-than-life fast food icon, going back to his incredibly modest life (it wasn’t until his 60s that the first KFC franchise opened). Sanders’ southern drawl bleeds onto the pages as he describes whipping up his “chicken cracklin’ gravy” and his discovery of some “new-fangled thing called a pressure cooker.” He waxes nostalgic over his early Kentucky restaurants, and tells of a time when the Colonel’s food once appealed to a broad strata of society rather than the carb-addicted sodium-and-fat junkies that KFC draws in today. The back pages include recipes for all sorts of dishes including candied sweet potatoes, onion pie and light bread—however, a commercial-size tub of butter should probably be procured before tackling any of these southern delicacies.