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It’s all over folks: T.G.I. Friday’s starts serving Korean tacos

(Image: T.G.I. Friday’s)

The trend that started out in the food trucks of California and spread like hot gochujang to Toronto restaurants like Swish, JangBang and Banh Mi Boys is now officially over: that’s right, Korean tacos are now available at American casual dining chain T.G.I. Friday’s. Oh well—it was fun while it lasted, at least. [Eater]

  • consumerfoodie

    hey andrew, what are u writing about , if they food at tgif is not good , then whats your problem , it wont sell , and no issue , leave tgif alone and let people eat where they want.

    ps im sure the folks in cali said they same about the johnny come latley toronto folks who cannot come up with some good food ideas unless cali does first!

    write about good not what you feel is bad,