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Totally Recalled: over 135 burger products, all potentially contaminated with E. coli

Hopefully these were not part of the recall (Image: Seth Kaplan)

The product: Just about every other brand of store-bought burger this side of the 49th parallel (OK, not quite—the extensive list is below)

Establishment number: 761

Best before date: from January 1, 2012 to February 15, 2013

Production code: 11 JL 01 up to 12 FE 15

Lot code: five digits, with the last four being 1831 or greater

The details: What started out as a case of some contaminated beef appears to have become a case of, well, a heck of a lot more contaminated beef. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which has been sending out steady notices about various beef products over the past weeks, has learned that over 135 products may be contaminated with E. coli. Best Value 10 Beef Burgers? (Potentially) Contaminated. Country Morning Beef Burgers and Country Morning Gold Western BBQ Burgers? Yep. PC Thick and Juicy? Oh yeah. Most of these products have ended up in grocery stores, but some have been sent to restaurants, like Hero Certified Burgers and Licks, as well. Anyway, while it’s tough to keep track of the dozens of potentially affected products, the CFIA says they can all be identified by their establishment number, 761, which belongs to New Food Classics. The CFIA reports only one illness associated with the outbreak so far, but maybe you’d better jot that number down—this is the same strain of E. coli that was responsible for seven deaths in Walkerton, Ontario back in 2000. [CFIA]

The full list

Best Value10 Beef Burgers1 kg7 71212 88103 8
Best Value20 Beef Burgers2 kg7 71212 88104 5
Best Value40 Beef Burgers4.54 kg7 71212 88108 3
BV BalanceLean Sirloin Beef Burgers852 g7 71212 88123 6
Calgary StampedeWestern-style BBQ Sauce Beef Burgers, 3.2 oz725 g0 66669 53213 9
Calgary StampedeWestern-style BBQ Sauce Beef Burgers, 6 oz1.02 kg0 66669 53214 6
Country MorningSeasoned Beef Burgers1.36 kg0 57316 12781 5
Country MorningBeef Burgers1 kg0 57316 02941 6
Country MorningBeef Burgers2.27 kg0 57316 08662 4
Country MorningBeef Burgers4.54 kg0 57316 07846 2
Country Morning GoldMozzarella & Bacon Beef Burger907 g0 57316 09575 6
Country Morning GoldPhilly Cheese Burgers with Monterey Jack Cheese, Green Peppers, Onions & Mushrooms852 g0 57316 15088 2
Country Morning GoldPrime Rib Beef Burger with 70% Prime Rib907 g0 57316 13426 4
Country Morning GoldRange Fed Angus Beef Burgers852 g0 57316 09862 7
Country Morning GoldSeasoned Sirloin Beef Burger907 g0 57316 09862 7
Country Morning GoldSliders – Prime Rib Beef Burger With 75% Prime Rib684 g0 57316 15087 5
Country Morning GoldSliders, Philly Cheese Mini Beef Burgers With Monterey Jack Cheese, Green Peppers, Onions & Mushrooms684 g0 57316 15086 8
Country Morning GoldTraditional Gourmet Beef Burger907 g0 57316 09574 9
Country Morning GoldTraditional Texas-Size Gourmet Beef Burger1.02 kg0 57316 09577 0
Country Morning GoldWestern BBQ Burger907 g0 57316 09576 3
Exclusive SelectionsAngus Beef Burgers852 g7 71212 88124 3
Exclusive SelectionsPrime Rib Beef Burgers1.02 kg7 71212 88122 9
GrillhouseAngus Beef Slider, Mini Angus Beef Burger684 g0 66669 55400 1
GrillhouseBeef Burger With Montreal Steak Spice852 g0 66669 55280 9
GrillhouseLean Beef Burger852 g0 66669 55283 0
GrillhouseOur Double Prime Sirloin And Prime Rib852 g0 66669 55281 6
GrillhousePrime Rib Beef Burger Made With 70% Prime Rib And Horseradish852 g0 66669 55282 3
Heritage Angus BeefRange-Fed Angus Beef Burgers852 g6 28896 00112 5
IrresistiblesAngus Beef Burgers1.13 kg0 59749 89521 7
IrresistiblesBeef Burgers Mushroom Swiss1.13 kg0 59749 89524
IrresistiblesLean Sirloin Beef Burgers, Roasted Garlic and Onion1.13 kg0 59749 89523 1
IrresistiblesSirloin Beef Burgers, Original1.13 kg0 59749 89520 0
IrresistiblesSirloin Beef Burgers, Peppercorn1.13 kg0 59749 89523 1
IrresistiblesLife Smart Lean Sirloin Beef Burgers687 g0 59749 91317 1
KegPrime Rib Beef Burgers Made With 70% Prime Rib1.02 kg6 95676 00600 4
KegPrime Rib Beef Burgers Made with 75% Prime Rib2.04 kg6 95676 00602 1
KegPrime Rib Beef Burgers made with 75% Prime Rib852 g6 95676 00601 4
KegPrime Rib Beef Burgers made with 75% Prime Rib1.7 kg6 95676 00603 8
KegPrime Rib Beef Sliders made with 75% Prime Rib852 g6 95676 00610 6
LicksBeef Burger, 153 g612 g0 29345 70037 2
Maple Lodge FarmsHalal Beef Burgers4.54 kg6 20437 05121 7
no name12 Beef Burgers1.36 kg0 60383 37333 7
no nameClub Pack Beef Steakettes2.27 kg0 60383 01321 9
Our FinestPhilly cheese beef burgers, Monterey Jack, green peppers, onions, mushrooms1.13 kg6 81131 91306 5
Our FinestPrime Cuts, Sirloin & Prime Rib Beef Burgers made with 60% sirloin and 20% prime rib1.13 kg6 81131 91304 1
Our FinestTraditional Recipe Beef Burger1.13 kg6 81131 91303 4
OverwaiteaPrime Rib Beef Burgers Made With 70% Prime Rib907 g0 62639 31131 5
PCBacon Double Cheese Burger1.13 kg0 60383 36886 9
PCBeef Burgers Made With Processed Swiss Cheese Food And Portobello Mushrooms1.13 kg0 60383 68626 0
PCGiantico Beef Burger1.36 kg0 60383 79418 7
PCSmokin’ Stampede Beef Burger810 g0 60383 89377 4
PCThick & Juicy Beef Burger1.36 kg0 60383 08478 3
PCThick & Juicy Burger4.54 kg0 60383 37167 8
PCThick & Juicy Sirloin Burgers1.13 kg0 60383 64238 9
PCThick & Juicy Beef Burgers Angus1.13 kg0 60383 99141 8
PCThick & Juicy Prime Rib Beef Burgers Made With 75% Prime Rib1.13 kg0 60383 71283 9
PCThick & Juicy Smokin’ Stampede Beef Burgers1.13 kg0 60383 85305 1
PCTriple Cheese, Thick & Juicy Beef Burgers1.13 kg0 60383 82228 6
PC Blue MenuAngus Sliders, Mini Lean Angus Beef Burgers810 g0 60383 89362 0
PC Blue MenuAngus Thick & Juicy Lean Beef Burgers1.02 kg0 60383 80120 5
PC Blue MenuPortion-Wise, Extra-Lean Thick and Juicy Beef Burgers800 g0 60383 82227 9
PC Blue MenuThick & Juicy Lean Beef Burgers1.13 kg0 60383 75625 3
PC Butchers ChoiceBC Beef Burger Garlic Peppercorn1.13 kg0 60383 89363 7
PC Butchers ChoiceBC Hickory BBQ Beef Burger1.13 kg0 60383 89364 4
Prairie Heritage ProducersRange-Fed Lean Angus Beef Burgers568 g6 28896 00208 5
Q BurgerBeef Burgers2.27 kg0 66669 53370 9
Q BurgerBeef Burgers Uncooked2.27 kg0 66669 53343 3
Simply FoodAngus Beef Sliders Mini Beef Burgers684 g0 57800 80213 6
Simply FoodLean Beef Burgers852 g0 57800 00019 8
Simply FoodPrime Rib Beef Burger With 51% Prime Rib852 g0 57800 00092 1
Spring CreekOur Gourmet Angus Beef Burgers907 g6 88315 00301 7
SunspunBearpaw-Shaped Beef Burgers4.54 kg0 60383 09052 7
WebersBeef Burgers612 g6 27843 06455 8
WebersBeef Burgers “Bucket of Burgers” (12)1.22 kg6 27843 06456 5
Western Family“Philly Cheese Steak” Beef Burgers852 g0 62639 32141 3
Western FamilyAngus Beef Sliders, Mini Burgers Made With 51% Angus Beef684 g0 62639 32718 7
Western FamilyCheddar & Bacon Angus Beef Burgers, With Real Cheddar Cheese and Bacon852 g0 62639 32714 9
Western FamilyHomestyle Recipe Beef Burgers With Onions and Spices Like Mom Used to Make852 g0 62639 32712 5
Western FamilySerrano and Jalapeno Beef Burgers with Monterey Jack Cheese, Serrano and Jalapeno Peppers852 g0 62639 32713 2
Western FamilySerrano and Jalapeno Beef Sliders, Mini Beef Burgers With Monterey Jack Cheese, Serrano and Jalapeno Peppers684 g0 62639 32715 6
Zabiha HalalBeef Burgers907 g0 67714 00672 8
  • JD

    Who’s killing Canadians now, Galen?

  • Tanya W

    Seriously people! The beef that is being supplied to us are coming from factory farms…cows are eating CORN instead of grass….they’re full of ecoli…they are covered in maneuer. How on earth can that be healthy?
    If you don’t believe me, watch the documentary “Food Inc”.
    I only buy from local farms now….everything is safe and humane. Nothing is washed with amonia to try and kill the ecoli, there is no need.

  • BG011

    I couldn’t agree more with the 2 previous comments.
    “Earthlings” is also another great film.

    PC meat is horrible… blyak!

  • MPW

    And to think that Galen Weston said that farmer’s markets are going to kill people….karma’s a bitch eh?

  • Fat chance

    I just finished reading a book called Animal Factory by David Kirby about industrial pig, dairy, and poultry farms.
    If we are not careful, strains of food borne bacterial contamination could very well be our “Black death”
    Read the book.ISBN 978-0-312-38058-8 St.Martin’s Press

  • tammy

    I think Oprah and Galen should interview eachother! Farmers are not the only ones shovelling manure.

  • Tim

    I have a bunch of these UPC codes in my freezer!!!! Great!!!!

  • mcm

    I have the Keg burgers in the freezer. The UPS is the same but where do I find the lot code as there is no production code or best before date.

    Any ideas?

  • MPW

    @ mcm. Throw them out and just make your own.

  • Mary and Glen

    Hubby just went to make hamburgs and said maybe we should check.. Yep we have them
    phoned the store willing to take them back and give us our money
    it is on the bar code is where you check..

    PC Blue Menu Thick & Juicy Lean Beef Burgers 1.13 kg 0 60383 75625 3

  • paul leinweber

    The upc code matches the ones on the list but these are good until mar 09 2013, which does not match the dates when the supposedly tainted burgers were made. The Keg Prime Rib Beef burgers.

  • Gail

    do you think

  • Susan

    You should watch Penn and Teller’s special on organic farming, and re-think. Just saying. What’s more important? The purity of your food in a world were everything goes wrong sometimes, or the lives of millions of human beings?