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Ex marks the spot: eight culinary innovations at this year’s Canadian National Exhibition (including deep-fried cola)

Four culinary delights at this year’s CNE (Images: Gizelle Lau)

In the days of yore, people flocked to the Canadian National Exhibition to see the year’s prize cows, pigs and horses. It’s only fitting that in these fallen fast-food times, people now gather round the warm, greasy glow of the deep fryers in the CNE Food Building. Indeed, gawking at the year’s fried fare has become something of an annual tradition, so we headed back to the Ex this year to bring you eight gut-busting indulgences, including this year’s headline grabber: deep-fried Coke cola.

See photos of all eight, along with a readout of our regret-o-meter »


    Without a doublt the best food at the X is right inside the East entrance of the Food Hall on your left side. Fantastic Fish and Chips they way England used to make them , large portion, hot, lightly battered, fresh healthy style oil daily…and the price for the Fish and Chips and a Coke was $7. and change. So good I went back for another piece of fish on its own…

  • ColinZ

    Fish and Chips does sound good. But what in the hell is “fresh healthy style oil”??

  • bar

    it astounds me that people say the food at the ex is the big attraction
    it has sucked for years

    you are all in denial
    the EX sucks big time

  • pz

    why don’t you post nutritional info for each of these as well?! hmm…

  • stella

    I remember a great indian food place at the ex far better than any of the crap featured in this bogus culinary article. I didn’t know about the fish and chips though if I decide to go I will check that out thanks Tim D.

  • kat

    Seriously!Come on people…FYI:Healthy eating=long life!just a reminder…:)

  • Existantia

    Kat – People came here for a reason. They want to see what the awesome deep fried treats at the Ex are. They’re not looking for a lecture. Please take it elsewhere and let people enjoy themselves. just a reminder …..:)

  • carole

    The Fish and Chips booth is H.Salt best Quality Fresh cooked in front of you not sitting under the hot lights.
    We eat there every year we were there today and will be there next Sunday too

  • carole

    British Foods at The Ex Total ripp-off I am British and would never pay those prices.
    Mrs Bridges you know the true value of your goods don’t rip people off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen

    We tried the halibut & chips just inside the east entrance of the Food Building on the left hand side. I believe the place is called American Original Fish & Chips. They were terrible! Way too much batter! If you want good fish & chips, go to Duckworth’s.

    Also, we walked by H. Salt Fish & Chips. They had a pile of fish sitting under hot lights. Didn’t look appetizing at all!