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Watch a video of a gender reveal party, the Internet’s favourite new food trend (there’s cake involved)

The gender reveal party is the latest food trend to explode across the Internet. For those yet to be invited to one, here’s how it works: following a prenatal ultrasound, the technician, instead of revealing the baby’s gender to the parents, writes it on a note and seals it in an envelope; that envelope finds its way to a local baker or friend, who makes a cake that’s either pink or blue on the inside; and finally, with great trepidation, the cake is cut at a party full of family and friends. Screaming and jumping typically ensues, regardless of the outcome. While we haven’t heard of any Toronto bakers getting in on the action—yet—check out this fab pink-and-blue-polkadotted creation from this Guelph baker.

  • Salanth

    Should really be calling it the sex reveal party. The baby will eventually figure out its gender, which usually, but not always, will match its organs.

  • jeremy

    A think a “Sex Reveal” party would be much more popular all around. This whole trend (if it can actually be called that) is silly on a number of levels.

  • fs

    New levels of silliness. Seriously

  • shadedblue

    Oh come on now folks, lighten up. Of course it’s silly. Just a bit of harmless fun.

  • Ryan

    Seriously, the comments above reveal the problem with people in Toronto, lighten up, at least ppl are having fun and enjoying their friends and family.

  • Cye

    Awesome idea! Very clever!

  • cw

    when i was pregnant, i asked the technician to write the gender on a piece a paper, but was told that legally they could not do that, in case the technician makes a mistake in assessing the baby’s gender.

    ryan, how do you know the comments are by people in toronto?

  • marshall

    Ryan, get off your high horse!

  • Ward

    UCBaby reveals gender anyway you want, on the spot,live broadcast, envelope, or if you choose, no gender given at all for that little birth surprise, and now they finally have a downtown location so we new parents don’t have to drive to the burbs