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Googling gets more delicious with Recipe View

Continuing its never-ending quest to make searching marginally easier, yesterday Google introduced the pretty awesome Recipe View. Of course, Google is already the go-to resource for amateur chefs looking for the perfect recipe, but this new feature now refines the search to make it even easier, allowing users to narrow results to show only recipes; this means no more searching for dishes and turning up definitions or other non-food-related sites. On top of that, Recipe View can filter search results based on ideal ingredients, cooking time and calorie count. The filter also includes clearly marked ratings and pictures for each recipe.

In a chirpy video posted to the corporate blog, Google executive chef Scott Giambastiani (yes, Google has chefs) notes that Recipe View is a great way to find recipes for ingredients one may not have cooked with before, or inspiration for dishes for specific holidays or events. (Best line: “Here at Google, we always prepare something fun for Cinqo de Mayo.”) In honour of the weekend, we present the the results of a search for poutine recipes.

Slice and dice your recipe search results [Official Google Blog]