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Frito-Lay gives up insanely loud SunChips bag, environmental bona fides

How important is silence when eating chips? Apparently very. Frito-Lay is ditching its innovative biodegradable Sun Chips bags because they’re too loud. Sales of the chips have dropped 11 per cent in the past year, according to USA Today. The green movement may have been irrevocably sullied—or, you know, drowned out by a loud crinkling sound.

Seems to us that this whole thing is counterintuitive. Chips are generally pretty loud, regardless of the bag. There’s a reason why it’s a faux pas to eat them while speaking to someone on the phone or sitting in a library. Truth be told, chips often pair well with lots of background noise. Then again, who are we to argue with guys like the one in this video (left)?

In other news, global warming continues to suck.

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