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Feasting at the Ex: nine foods that stand out (for various hilarious reasons) at the Canadian National Exhibition

Chocolate-covered bacon
What is it?
Strips of greasy bacon smothered in bittersweet chocolate.
Tastes like:
A child’s idea of what breakfast should be.
$5 for six slices (it’s really three slices cut in half, tax included).
Where to find it:
The Sweet Treats concession stand at the midway (near the Canadian Forces display).

  • Davenport

    $6 for a Corn Dog….WTF!!!!
    Karen, Thanks for the intel…even after seeing the indestructable Twinkies in WALL*E I must say I’m intrigued by the “cake-like Nestle Drumstickish” version.

  • andrew

    Who’s Karen?

  • Joe

    Karen is the person who wrote this thing

  • andrew

    Joe: Are you sure? Look a little closer.

  • Christianne

    If made correctly, chocolate covered bacon is good. really!

  • Joe

    Andrew: Why does it say by Karen Liu under the “Previous” button?

  • andrew

    Joe: on the right track! That’s definitely *where* the author’s name is. Now, just double-check *what* the name is.

  • webpossum

    Andrew: no one likes a douche. I’m sure Karon would agree.

  • andrew

    Yeah, Karon probably would. I’m not really sure what Karen would think…

  • davide

    be nice everyone…try the shakes at Pho 88 they have about 15 different flavours including Durian, Sour Sop and Lychee

  • Seven Dollar Pants

    This is so nasty, but made me laugh – especially the taco in a bag. HOW GROSS IS THAT?!

  • Alison

    @Seven Dollar Pants – My husband and I are considering going to the Ex just for the taco in the bag.. stop judging us! Haha.

    FYI to anyone wanting to indulge on any of this, on weeknights it’s $5 admission after 5pm.. so going just for food isn’t too expensive!

  • as

    we were at the Ex and I just wanted to see what the deep fried butter looked like and could not find it anywhere the obvious location would be the food building … nooooo

    eventually I found out it was in the midway … go figure

  • Lucas

    Went to the CNE last night, here is a video of deep fried butter being made and a picture as well

  • brooklin99

    The taco in a bag is extremely popular at my son’s school. The kids love it. One of my favourite things to eat at the CNE is the Shawarma’s in the food building. Always filling and tasty. Been getting this item for years since they had the international foods outside. They should bring this back.