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Fruit follies at Pusateri’s, a hidden culinary haven, the dangers of baby food

Grapes of wrath: A dispute over lousy fruit kept one woman from Pusateri's forever (Photo by LD Cross)

Grapes of wrath: a dispute over lousy fruit sparked a one-woman boycott of Pusateri’s (Photo by LD Cross)

• After the harrowing experience of watching her mother try to get a refund for rotten grapes at Pusateri’s, the National Post’s Meghan Telpner got to wondering why grocery stores won’t let customers return damaged produce. [National Post]

• Who knew that in the middle of economically devastated Michigan there lies a near-mythical land of milk and honey just waiting to be discovered? The resort town of Traverse City has a rising “gastronomic subculture,” as celeb chef Mario Batali puts it, including a wealth of new restaurants, farms and a diversity of produce second only to California. Road trip, anyone? [Canadian Press]

• Night owls, bodybuilders and insomniacs beware. The energy drink known as Hardcore Energize Bullet has been recalled across North America after a utility knife blade was found inside a vial (yes, it’s sold by the vial). Then again, what could be more hardcore than ingesting a knife along with an ungodly mix of caffeine, sugar and various polysyllabic stimulants? [City]

• A recent survey of 100 baby foods by Britain’s Children’s Food Campaign reveals that there are high levels of sugar and fat in many edible products for the under-two set. That teething biscuit?—it’s about as nutritional as a cheeseburger. Cue parental self-flagellation. [Vancouver Sun]