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Needles in meat, reaction to new street food vendors, ignoring calorie counts

The great distraction (Photo by xian)

The great distraction (Photo by xian)

Supersize Me optimism notwithstanding, new research from Yale shows that fast-food consumers don’t pay attention to health information, even when it is right before their eyes. [USA Today]

• A CBC food writer takes a look at the broadcaster’s new documentary series The Great Food Revolution. The show investigates gastronomical movements, like locavorism, as well as farming practices. Will there be a segment on getting a table at Canoe during Summerlicious? [CBC]

• An urban legend comes to life at a No Frills in Guelph, where sewing needles were found in deli meat and packaged foods. And just when lunch meat was making a comeback. [UPI]

• Toronto city council gets an earful from the Globe and Mail’s Margaret Wente, who considers the new street vendor program heavy handed, leaving some potential sellers out and making customers feel like Mommy packed their lunch. Don’t forget to eat your greens, Toronto. [Globe and Mail]

• We thought that the recession meant falling prices—and desperate discounts—across the board. But Bank of Montreal research shows inflation in the price of food, with grocery prices up from last year. [National Post]