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Taxing chocolate, banning bottled water, reinstating trans fats

Delicious, but taxable? (Photo Renée Suen)

Delicious? Yes. Taxable? Maybe. (Photo Renée Suen)

• Researchers at Brock University looked at the age of candy bars in eight major retail stores, and the findings weren’t good: the average bar was 140 days old. [Financial Post]

• One British GP is determined to dispel the notion that chocolate is healthful; he proposes that it be taxed like alcohol and cigarettes (no matter how old it is). [BBC]

• If Calgary’s ban on trans fats is any indication, any similar ban here in Toronto will be futile. Only one year after regulations went into effect, the artery cloggers are back in the Stampede City. [National Post]

• In an editorial, Eglinton-Lawrence Councillor Howard Moscoe argues that bottled water should be banned across Toronto. [Toronto Star]

• Eating locally eases the conscience but can mean bland cuisine come March. Here, a few ways to spice up local foods before spring harvest. [The Guardian]