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Here’s where Anthony Bourdain stopped by during his Toronto layover

Bourdain does a bone luge at The Black Hoof (Image: @tvsuperstarr)

Regular Dish readers will know that Anthony Bourdain, TV’s favourite bad-boy chef–turned–professional eater was in town last week to shoot an episode of The Layover, his new travel show where he attempts to cram in as much fun as possible in 24 to 48 hours. Although we have no idea which places will make it onto the show, here’s a roundup of the various Bourdain spottings from the last few days, along with reactions from the man himself (@Bourdain) or his crew (@tvsuperstarr):

UPDATE: Our Twitter informants tell us Bourdain and his crew were also spotted at The Burger’s Priest and Deq at the Ritz-Carlton.

  • blocko

    bourdain was in toronto and didn’t stop by barvolo for a delicious pint or two? blasphemy! all good, still love the dude.

  • Seb

    My friend saw him at Cold Tea.

  • Pedant

    wow, check out how mentions of b0urdain set off the interweb’s spambots. clean that stuff up t-life.

    on another note, the bone luge looks awesome

  • Baboon

    Just how far Western societies have praised these foods, …bone marrow and others so called discarded parts in the cowboy days. A couple of decades ago, my mom would have boiled the bones that Bourdain gulping on to death many times over until it disintegrated.

    The so called “poorer countries” we branded in the past, have enjoyed all these exotic or western discarded foods for millenium. We sure have a lot of catch up to do when comes to eating.

  • Davers

    Re: Baboon,

    You’re absolutely correct. Foods that are enjoying western culinary attention have been staples in many South American/Asian countries for centuries. Whether it’s bahn mi, duck, pork belly, pork ears, pork skin (pretty much nose to tail cooking of pork), cilatnro, anything Thai related. Stuff white people used to say “ewwww, gross!” to, are now being hailed as haute cuisine. Indeed, North American food has lots of catching up to do…

  • Honky


    White people? Really? My ‘white’ Ukrainian grandmother used to make us roasted bone marrow in the toaster oven when we were kids likely because it was cheap and tasty. It’s still one of my favourite meals.

    I think you meant to say Anglo or, synonymously, ‘white bread’.

  • Baboon

    @Honky…please take no offence, I know what Davers was referring to and Ukranians were part of the poorer nations. It’s just a easy way to reference in a speech.

  • Trish

    The crew also filmed at Spin Toronto on Sunday night :)

  • Benny

    Link to Thirsty And Miserable on Facebook!

  • Phil

    Burger’s Priest? Are you serious?

  • Bisca

    Aside from one or to that list is absolutely…….meh.

  • Tim


  • nevilleross

    He put our asses down something fierce.

  • Asteriskdollarsign

    Toronto did not do well in that episode.