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Spotted: Anthony Bourdain at St. Lawrence Market, probably shooting No Reservations

(Image: @tvsuperstarr on Twitter)

Earlier this morning, the nominations for the 64th Emmy Awards were announced, and Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations received four nods—which prompted a member of his crew to snap this picture, showing the famously foul-mouthed chef-turned culinary thrill-seeker celebrating outside St. Lawrence Market. Could this mean he’s finally shooting the Toronto episode of his travel show, something he announced back in 2010? The presence of his cinematographer at his side, outside one of the city’s most iconic foodie destinations, would suggest the answer is “yes.” As would this follow-up at Carousel Bakery.

UPDATE: We spoke with Carousel co-owner Robert Biancolin, who told us that Bourdain and his crew hung out for about half an hour, and did indeed sample the shop’s signature peameal bacon sandwich. Biancolin wasn’t sure if the footage they captured was for No Reservations or The Layover.

UPDATE 2: according to Bourdain’s Twitter stream, he’s now been to Tosho Knife Arts, and is heading to Beast later on.

  • cc

    Doesn’t he have a new show now? The Layover?

  • Kevin

    Yes he does. Season one is already out and season two is being shot this summer. He does a pretty decent episode of Montreal.

  • BD

    Too bad he was here before the building across the street from where he’s standing is completed. Its going to house some intereing culinary destinations!

    I love the St. Lawrence Market area.

  • BD


  • CB

    About time. I wonder where else he’ll be hitting up…

  • charles

    amazing! i love his show!

  • CB

    Not Beast! I didn’t think that place was very good. Should be doing Black Hoof if he wants that “meat-centric”-type restaurant.

  • Mac

    Beast, seriously? Come on now Anthony. Good call on pea meal in St L market and Agave in K market though.

    Probably should have done something where like Ursa or Chantecler or would that be too ‘high brow’. Either way respect my G. I got you.

  • nevilleross

    And, he loves Montreal, but completely dissed Toronto.

  • Rico_Featherbutt

    Because he saw too many of you. I completely agree with him. Toronto has very little going for it.