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QUOTED: O&B’s Anthony Walsh on his favourite kitchen prank

We tell the cook to go down to Jump (sister restaurant, downstairs) and get the red lobster gun (a thing that doesn’t exist). The cook will go to Jump and the chefs there will say “oh, no the gun is at Biff’s” (another O&B restaurant, very close by). The cook goes to Biff’s and then they come back to Canoe and they look devastated because they couldn’t find the thing we asked him for.

—Anthony Walsh, the corporate executive chef (i.e. culinary overlord) at Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants, telling Swallow Food’s Kristina Groeger about his favourite way of pranking new chefs and stagiaires. The article, by the way, is illustrated with some truly memorable photos of the chef decked out in full hunting gear. [Swallow Food]

  • the regal constelation

    YES,..this is a prank taken from the regal constellation hotel. so not very original. tony walsh takes it in the caca.

  • Well Paid…Not Wealthy

    The best prank is getting the new line cook to every month go into the fridges and get them to put the old air from the fridge fans into garbage bags and throw them away bc to much recycled air is not good for the inventory.

  • mattagascar

    “de-liming” Corona bottles…ice cube inventory….get me the 24% cream!…chop the flour until it turns red…the list goes on, and on.