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See how chefs (from Frank’s Kitchen and Woodlot) feed each other at a fundraiser for one of their own

Chef Robbie Hojilla, the man of the hour, pictured with his family. (Image: Renée Suen)

Over the last couple of months, we’ve reported on events where cooks and restaurateurs have donated their time and resources to give to others. Last Monday at Frank’s Kitchen, we dropped in on a fundraiser thrown for one of their own: Woodlot cook Robbie Hojilla. Just 25 years old, Hojilla has been diagnosed with heart failure and is currently not able to work. Given that the restaurant business lacks the sort of financial fallbacks of other jobs (like health benefits or sick leave), chef Frank Parhizgar and his wife, Shawn Cooper, the owners of Frank’s Kitchen, decided to help the talented young chef with an industry-wide fundraiser. Donating space, food and alcohol, the couple joined up with the staff of Frank’s and Woodlot to offer a multi-course dinner complete with wine pairings.

All attendees were from the restaurant industry, including Chris McDonald (Cava), Biana Zorich (Petite Thuet), Robert Bartley (Maple Leaf Sports), Chris Kalisperas (Brassaii) and Dustin Gallagher (Grace). For some, the highlight of the evening was the expertly delivered dishes courtesy of chefs Parhizgar, David Haman (Woodlot) and Jason Carter (Centro). For Hojilla, we imagine it was the generosity of his peers: a total of $5,000 was raised. We take a look at the evening’s highlights—including who was there and what they ate—in the following slideshow.

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