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Toronto Taste 2011: We get the latest news from top chefs and restaurateurs from Woodlot, Buca, Nota Bene, O&B and many more

Rob Gentile (Buca), David Lee (Nota Bene), Andrea Nicholson (Great Cooks on Eight), Paul Boehmer (Böhmer), Teo Paul (Union)

Two thousand of Toronto’s food lovers and makers gathered at the ROM on Sunday for the 21st edition of Toronto Taste. The annual fundraiser—which raises money for Second Harvest—saw more than 60 restaurants and 30 beverage purveyors offering their best to the guests. Burgers and tacos might have been the plats du jour, but new restaurant openings seemed to be the hottest item on the plates of many chefs and restaurateurs we spoke to. Here’s what we heard from Buca’s Rob Gentile, Woodlot’s David Haman, Scarpetta’s Scott Conant, Splendido’s Victor Barry, Top Chef Canada contestants Dustin Gallagher and Andrea Nicholson and many more. 

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  • Matt

    DAMN LAUREN. Celebrity chef-babe extraordinaire.

  • Lynn

    I agree with the above comment!

  • John Placko

    Fabulous review of the event and awesome photos. Since I couldn’t be there this year, I now at least feel like I didn’t miss out on what was served. Thanks Renee.

  • Culinerd

    It was a great event, I was lucky enough to go and the food was amazing across the board. Some few that didn’t get photographed but were delicious. Gracelot had fantastic everyting.

  • Esther

    Terrific pictures! It was a great event as always. This was my 18th year participating and I look forward to next year’s 20th anniversary.

  • mattagascar

    Apparently Toronto only has a dozen or so restaurants to choose from. And they are all downtown. It doesn’t really say much for the citiy does it..and seriously get off the O&B bandwagon. They are just another chain now.

  • hilda

    Dusty… hope to someday visit Grace! Can’t wait to see where you will stand on Top Chef.. I still say you will be one of the two finalists! :)

  • helen

    O&B may have become a chain, but I’ll take it over Milestones, Baton Rouge, Jack Astor’s or any of the other crappy chains that have been invading downtown the last few years.

  • korrado

    mattagascar, yours is a cheap shot. O&B should be thanked for their gracious support of Toronto Taste for all these years. All the food and all the labour are DONATED. Thank you O&B and thank you to every chef, waiter, dishwasher, sommelier, winemaker, ticket taker, ticket buyer and volunteer for your generous participation and support for Second Harvest.

  • mauri1

    looks great

  • Sandra

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