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More Top Chef Canada details trickle out

If you’re like us, you’ve been anxiously awaiting the debut of Top Chef Canada to satisfy your cravings for some serious televised culinary competition. Well, we’ll only have to wait a few more months: Food Network Canada has just announced that the Canuck edition of the popular reality show, featuring Mark McEwan as head judge, will air on April 11, and that contestants will be competing for a grand prize of $100,000. (And since gratuitous product placement is half the fun of watching the show, we should note that you can look forward to a season of cooking on GE Monogram appliances and shopping at Loblaws.) It’s not like we’re counting down or anything, but seriously, only 75 days to go!

  • Yuck

    He has to be literally the SMARMIEST greaseball nothing I’ve ever seen.

    He has the face of a Bonanza extra and hair that looks like piss-soaked Easter hay.


  • Yuck

    And I should add that, were he a genuinely interesting and nice guy, his looks wouldn’t mean a thing.

    God, why does everyone seem so unbelievably in love with themselves these days?

  • Foodie

    Love how Bourdain when he was recently in Toronto and asked what he thought of McEwan was like “Who the fuck is that? Never heard of him.”


  • mattagascar

    Let me guess…the guest judges will include:

    Celebrity “chef” David Rocco
    That stupid “Bitchin’ Kitchen” moron
    David “what’s your CONCEPT?” Adjey
    Michael “I got my ass kicked on Iron Chef” Smith

    Can’t wait for my lame meter to go into the red zone.

  • mattagascar

    Oh, and let’s not forget Lynn “where’s your PASSION” Crawford. Food Network Canada is such a joke. I wonder if the new Top Chef will be on after “Cupcake Wars”?

  • dumbstuff

    won’t be watching this,,if it is going to be lame I will cancel the station…..

  • henry

    They should just let Canadians on the actual Top Chef program.

  • Culinerd

    I would have to say the best comments since I been posting on this food section.
    I think there is plenty of talent in the city that could compete with our american counter parts.
    FOODIE- I would of loved to hear Anthony Bourdain say that in a drunkn slur. If there is a TV personality I hate this is one. Adjey I dont know ever since I saw that episode of Iron Chef with him and his dumb collared shirt under I just thought he was a weirdo.
    I wonder now did the Food Network in the states change their name to Cooking Channel bc Food network here sucks??

  • Culinerd

    Wait running around Loblaws? so 90 isles of packaged food and a produce section the size of my office? F**k I hope they atleast do a Ontario food terminal episode….

  • fatchance

    Canada’s Culinary Special Olympics…Can’t wait.

  • Desperate

    Yuck and mattagascar are bang on. Loved your comments and cound not agree more. Is that Foodnetwork really that desperate for anthor ridiculous Canadian production. That stupid Party Wars with that idiot “Celebrity Chef” (What a joke)Tomaskasi(whatever is name is)and that woman is pathetic. Hey maybe he’ll be one of the judges. Well let’s hope when they do go shopping it will be Whole Foods but with McEwan as the Top Chef judge it could be his overly expensive grocery store!

  • Ray

    In my opinion, Host/judge personalities have very little to do with the heart of the show, which is Canada’s culinary talents. I cannot wait to see the hardworking, passionate Chefs we have in this country have the opportunity to showcase their skill and creativity.

  • Joshua Bent

    He should be put out to pasture, or maybe he has already…

  • Heather

    Does posting something absolutely RUDE and Negative really make you feel good? Honestly? Is there a Point to your petty behaviour?
    Shame on you and shame on Toronto Life for posting this negative banter.
    Canadian’s should be proud of what our Chef’s are doing.
    Keep in mind if the clientele wanted racier food in TO our top chefs would be pulling out all the stops, its just unfortunate that Fried Calamari is what the 75% of what the general public want. Ask any toronto or Canadian Chef if they are really happy with there clientele

    Top Chef Canada will be a success and if you feel so negatively about it, don’t watch it. Its amusing how a TV show can evoke such anger. Maybe the angry did not make it on!

    I commend all Chefs- its a hard gruelling career. And I will be watching.

  • awwpoorbaby

    Heather, your grammar is atrocious.

  • taz

    This is good for all the chef that are competing but to bad is mc ewan the judge if people only knew who that man really mean to local chef that guy is a waste. good business man but is not a chef at all. I would of love to be in that competition just to give mc ewan an ass whipping in national TV that would be awesome I am 100% sure none of the cook that previously worked for him even apply is to bad with so many real and nicer chef the food network pick this IDIOT. I would of prefer to see tuet in stead
    F. U$@#$%^ MC EWAN go wash your hair

  • superfoodie

    I think it would be great to see Susur Lee be a judge on top chef, he has the culinary chops to be critial of other chefs and has appeared on Top Chef Masters. I think McEwan is good but more a businessman than chef….

    Top Chef is one of my favorite shows, so I’m hopeful that the Canadian version stands up to the USA one!

  • Racer416

    Oh no, not another Toronto centre-of-the-universe centric show. I can’t wait till I see all those pretentious Toronto guest judges on TV. Mark McEwen? Gimme a break! How many michelin stars has he won? Why aren’t there more contenders from Quebec or Atlantic Canada? Let the eye rolling begin!

  • vickylouie

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