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Introducing: Cabana Pool Bar, a new, massive, Miami-style adult playground from Charles Khabouth

Introducing: Cabana Pool Bar

Name: Cabana Pool Bar
Neighbourhood: Polson Pier
Contact Info: 11 Polson Street,, @cabanapoolbar
Owners: Charles Khabouth, Ink Entertainment (La Société, Patria, Weslodge, Union, CUBE)
Chef: Jamie Meireles (Oliver & Bonacini Events)

The Place: An outrageous, booze-and-skin-fuelled resort for all-day drinking and partying in the middle of the city. The 50,000-square-foot pool and bar can house 2500 people and includes a restaurant, octagonal pool, 790-seat patio and cabanas with low-slung white banquettes and gauzy curtains framing the Toronto skyline. An indoor soccer stadium, volleyball courts, go-cart track and driving range are next door at Polson Pier. 

The Food: Burgers, wraps and sushi platters, along with summery snacks, like ice cream sandwiches.

The Drinks: There’s a full bar, plus bottle (and shisha) service at the cabanas.

The Numbers:
• 2500 people at max capacity
• 850 seats total
• 42 oversize poolside loungers
• 12 luxury cabanas
• 11 a.m. until 11 p.m.
• $10 cover ($20 on Sundays), plus an additional $20 for pool access

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  • hello

    anyone gonna bring up the fact that they are not paying the employees for their training? hmmmmmm….. .that’s the law.

  • Tina Faouaz

    Looks amazing! Good job Ink, you guys are a class act!

  • Kaz

    Really bad service, the staff don’t know how to use the machines, clear there was minimal training. Waited 45 mins for a drink. Food isn’t good either. For an opening this is very unimpressive.

  • JohnnieKato

    You are a real idiot or racist for making a statement like that.

  • Freddy Shamy

    I’m Lebanese and I take great offense in this statement, I neither endorse nor encourage any of the activities you mentioned. I think you’re a double agent since last time I checked, Layla was a Lebanese name…

  • JohnnieKato

    Thank you to the moderator for deleting the above offensive statement by the so-called Layla.

  • gevus

    It’s about time someone stepped up to the plate with a real daytime adult playground in Toronto!! Good for you Charles.

    I wonder what will become of this during winter?! I suggest a skating rink, Beaver tails, Cider and some Sa7lab…Maybe a couple of E dealers to keep it warm.

  • QueerGuy

    All that’s missing is an Ed Hardy boutique.

  • Shirley Hutchison

    Love the new look will definitely be there in the next couple of weeks

  • Aurélie

    The men provided a very good service… but paying 20$ for pool access on top of the 10$ cover and get a very poor service from the waitress didn’t impress me. Even spoke with the waitress and she said they won’t provide a good service to people around the pool to encourage people to book cabanas (which btw is 2500 f-ing dollars). So if youre only 2 people, like me and my friend, do not expect a good service, you have to hunt for a waitress. And, I agree with older posts, they didn’t get much training because i asked about shisha and waitress told me I had to go get it myself… when i did so they said i could order it from my waitress. If the service was better and the prices were adjusted, this layout and designs are great.

  • Troy

    Watch out, this place is a total scam in terms of bottle service.

    My group booked a Poolside Cabana which is $2,500 minimum, pricey but whatever. It was supposed to come with 15 to 20 free comps, into to pool area. If you don’t know its $20 admission into Cabana, another $20 to get into the pool area, so $40 total.

    Sat down, ordered five bottles and the waitress comes up to us and says we are already over $2,500.. Asked to see the bill, heres the scam-

    You will get charged a $600 “seating fee”, which means the comps are not free.
    Then they add a 18% gratuity charge that you don’t know about till the end of night. So before even sitting down, having a drink you have already gone over $1k.

    Cashing out of course the server is not going to be very forth coming about the 18% gratuity and lets be honest, everyone is pretty drunk at that point. So on top of the 18%, we tipped again so the server basically pocketed almost 40%.

    5 hours later, $7,000,00 shorter in our pockets, not going back.

    Cool concept, beautifully designed but this just left a really bad taste in my mouth. In all honesty the place can charge whatever they want and people will pay it. No need to hide and scam like this.

  • TravellerGold

    Reading all the comments I’m not too excited to attend. Im very big on good customer service, because I tip very well. And this doesn’t sound like a classy place. It sounds trendy and poorly ran. That being said I’m an optimist, and tend to look at things on the brighter side. So here’s hoping.

  • Marie Benoit

    loving this place! gorgeous, inviting, time to style our fashion bikinis. Visit to find your style
    hope you find something exciting. Dare to be gorgeous?