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Introducing: Rashers, the new Leslieville shop devoted to the bacon sandwich

Memories of the bacon butties of England and Ireland inspired industrial designer Richard Mulley and aviation CEO John Clark to open what they’re billing as North America’s first all-bacon sandwich shop. A tiny four-seater in Leslieville, Rashers has seven sandwiches on the menu, all made with bacon custom brined and smoked by Perth Pork Products and served on Fred’s Bread. Options include traditional bacon, wild board and even a veggie version with fried mushrooms and fontina cheese ($6.50), though the signature offering is the peameal-loaded Hogtown ($6.70)—cheddar ($0.50) and a fried egg ($0.75) are extra. Diners can also choose between ketchup and traditional English “brown sauce,” which is like HP sauce, only sweeter. Sides are currently limited to griddle-fried potato wedges coated in smoked paprika or garlic salt ($3). Seasonal sandwiches—like turkey bacon with cranberry and stuffing—are said to be coming soon.

Rashers, 948 Queen St. E., 416-710-8220 ,, @RashersTO

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  • AA

    great sandwich; small size

  • just one guy’s opinion

    that is a nasty looking fried egg and very dirty griddle that it is being cooked on…

  • Wab

    What a great idea – should go far. Can’t miss with Bacon It’s great to live in Leslieville. Just turn that “R” around the right way – looks like “Flashers” the way it is now. Wait a munute – maybe that’s a good thing – I dunno. Anyway – I can’t wait to sample the bacon.

  • Wrenkin

    HP is a kind of brown sauce. It’s a generic term.

  • DW

    Just tried this place for the first time, and must say I was unimpressed. Got the BLT – maybe had 2 thin strips of bacon, way more bread than anything else. Potatoes (both kinds) were pretty bland. I don’t see this place making it through the winter… Sorry, Rashers.

  • norman

    I have walked by this shop for a week but there was always a line up.
    The wife and I stopped in tonight, finally, and both had the Hogtown sandwich.
    I can see what all the hype is about. So happy that we live 2 blocks away. I’ll be back again.

  • DG

    Great food, good prices, friendly staff.

  • Mike D.

    Love this place! The Hogtown and Garlic wedges are a real winner!

  • Joanne

    Girlfriend & I had the B.L.T. – (the bacon was thick and not salty)it was so good that we looked at each other & wanted to split a 2nd one … but restrained. Will definitely be back!

  • yummy isn’t a state of mind

    I hope you all get sick from the filth on that griddle…

  • Girl on Queen

    I checked it out for lunch today and thought it was great despite the fact it gets a little crammed while waiting. Interior was pretty cool with a small wall tribute to all things bacon which was a nice touch. We had the bacon butty and wild boar and while the boar was tasty, it was the butty that was my favourite. Simple but delicious. We’ll definitely be back to try out the rest of the menu.

  • Eastender

    Went for lunch today with low expectatipns.
    Was pleasantly surprised at how tasty the British Butty was – ordered a second to go! Good coffee too, which is a plus.

  • Jeremy

    The boar is okay when they have it. Much prefer the grilled cheese and blt. Have heard good things about the breakfast sandwiches.

  • Rowland

    Was surprised how good the grilled cheese was. Next time I’ll add double bacon!

  • Riverdale Mom

    Having tried everything on the menu (oh, that doesn’t sound good) I can honestly say, that these are phenomenal sandwiches and definitely some of the best in the city. Well done Rashers!

  • Napkins are Useless

    I heard about these guys last weekend on the radio and I have to say I was impressed. We normally go to the St. Lawrence market for our bacon sandwich fix but the hogtown is way better. My only criticism is there’s no where to really sit except a few stools inside and out.

  • [Construction Noise]

    I like my wild board free-range, that stuff at Lowe’s or Rona just won’t do.

  • Food Junkie

    All I have to say is Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! This is a must for lovers of bacon and sandwiches. Unfortunately at $8.85 for a sandwich, soup/wedges, and a drink they are going to get me fat! Best deal in Leslieville IMO