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Introducing: Slider Revolution, Toronto’s first restaurant devoted to tiny burgers

Introducing: Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution owner Rich Lee (Image: Megan Leahy)

With gourmet tacos, fancy hot dogs and “better burgers” popping up all over the city, Rich Lee saw a niche that was as yet untapped: sliders. Lee, whose background is in sales and finance, had noticed the surge in fun, hand-held foods, but was surprised that the mini-burgers that tend to fly off the plates at catered events were so hard to come by in a Toronto restaurant. That difficulty led him to open Slider Revolution, which takes over the space previously home to Three’s Company, the popular Danforth and Pape brunch spot and catering business.

The sliders range widely across international cuisines—from pulled jerk chicken with mango slaw and honey sriracha sauce ($4) to mu shu pulled pork with Asian slaw and wonton crisps ($3.75)—but are all served on custom three-inch buns from Dough Heads Pastry Bakery in North York (choice of white, whole wheat or gluten-free). Vegetarian options include a three-cheese medley (brie, cheddar and Asiago) topped with spicy red pepper slaw ($3.75) and a veggie sloppy joe with six-bean chili ($3.75), and for sides, there’s homemade five-spice sweet potato chips ($3.50) and herbed Yukon gold potato chips ($2.75). Out of loyalty to the many long-time patrons of Three’s Company, Lee brought on the space’s previous owner, Carolyn Hogg, as chef and manager, along with some of the old line cooks. Slider Revolution will also continue the previous restaurant’s popular weekend brunch, turning from counter to table service on Saturdays and Sundays. And yes, among the brunch favourites like pancakes and bennies, there will indeed be breakfast sliders, including a shrimp and lobster option with celery and mayo ($12.50).

Slider Revolution, 673 Danforth Ave., 416-848-1512,, @Sliderrev

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  • trickydisco

    second one actually devoted to sliders – the first one is called sliders on the queensway

  • TheCJM

    I’m still waiting for someone in Toronto to make sliders the right way – steamed with onion in the bun like at the White Castle or Krystal chains in the states. This is what really distinguishes a slider from a tiny hamburger.

  • poh

    ^ You’re absolutely right. These aren’t sliders, these are mini burger or mini sandwiches.

  • opl

    White Castle, White Castle, White Castle…

  • Dave

    I’m with Tricky.. First restaurant all about the Sliders is called Sliders its in Etobicoke and is awesome!! Do you research Toronto Life the Revolution started without you

  • wine

    let me get this straight, so each slider is $4 which looks like u would need 3 for a decent meal, plus $3.50 for sweet potato chips. That bring us to $15.50 without a drink, tax or tip. Rip off.

  • Tom

    Tried it and tasted like a sandwich I would make with left overs from dinner. Expensive. These are not sliders they are mini sandwiches. “The Mini Bun Sandwich Revolution”.

  • Well paid….Not wealthy

    I don’t think you guys did your homework. Seems like Rich Lee did not only is he not the first he also sorta stole the logo from sliders in Etobicoke. Toronto Life go check out the first slider place in the city.

  • MikeB

    tried it the other day with my brother. I liked the Jerk Chicken and the Mu Shu slider. I for one liked it, and the quality of ingredients was actually good! I maybe would make them a tiny bit saucier. Two slicers with chips is enough, and they are licensed as well!

  • Huey

    I was there the other day and had the Bulgogi and Pulled Pork. I must agree with MikeB, two sliders plus a side of slaw is more than enough and trust me i showed up there hungry. And on top of that it tasted great!

  • T crow

    I had two sliders (jerk chicken and meatball) and fries the other day. I think the combo was $8.50 (but not sure) with a pop. Excellent all around. I was full, although super big eaters may want a third. Highly recommend it. High quality incredients, and really unique flavour combinations. I’ll be back for sure.

  • Not interested

    I’m so tired of the same menus being called “innovative” or “interesting.” C’mon already, bulgogi burger with kimchi slaw and pulled pork sliders? No wonder Toronto is always way behind the LA or West Coast culinary scene.