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Introducing: Tallboys Craft Beer House, a new Bloorcourt den for beer geeks

Introducing: Tallboys Craft Beer House

(Image: Karolyne Ellacott)

The city’s ongoing love affair with craft beer has reached the point where it’s getting difficult to find a new bar that doesn’t stock at least a few local brews—but until now, none of them has focussed on that container so beloved of cyclists, the tallboy. Tallboys Craft Beer House is the first bar to do so. Founded by  Kevin Kennedy, his cousins Tom and Phil Cacace and his old high school pal Craig Wong, the new spot is nestled in the no man’s land between Koreatown to the east and hipster central further west, and servers over 30 different Ontario craft beers in can or on tap.

While some may charge that craft beer is merely a fad, Kennedy insists, “It’s not because it’s trendy—it’s because it’s delicious!” On tap, the Junction Brewery Conductor’s Craft Ale has been a popular pick, while noteworthy tallboys include Wellington’s Dark and the Hockley Black and Tan. The boys are planning on increasing the selection even further in the near future. To go with the beers, Tallboys offers pub-friendly favourites like burgers and tacos alongside lighter fare like salads. The Koreatown Burger ($13) is a bacon- and cucumber-topped beef patty on a pile of kimchi, slathered in green onion mayo and accompanied by a portion of fries. Sulie’s Salad ($10) is built from a bed of fresh greens studded with roasted beets, chickpeas and julienned granny smith apple, dressed with a house honey vinaigrette (those concerned with appearing too healthy can add panko-crusted goat cheese balls for an extra $3). “Lots of bars want a casual environment,” Phil says, “but they forget about quality of service. We want to provide both.” That and brunch, which debuted last Sunday.

Tallboys Craft Beer House, 838 Bloor St. W., 416-535-7486,, @tallboysbar

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  • Jesse W

    That no man’s land is my favourite part of Toronto! Christie Pits, Sardinha’s, The Piston, L&M headquarters, Baker Bots, Artgelato, Saving Gigi….Need I go on?

  • Pat O’Leary

    1. Draft tastes best
    2. Glass bottle beer tastes second best
    3. Canned beer tastes

  • Pat O’Leary


  • Tim

    Terrible concept. I have never had a good craft beer in a tall can. All the best ones are in stubbies: Dale’s Pale Ale, Red Racer, Howe Sound Lager. Places like this give craft beer a bad name by not showcasing it’s true delicious potential and therefore misleading people who know no better. For example, a punter at talllboys is never going to get to sample the eye opening delights of a bourbon barrel aged imperial stout, a belgian tripel or a rich flemish red ale as these only come in bottles. I could go on…

  • dj

    I can buy all of these in the LCBO

  • Natalie

    And the food there is great. Kimchi burger is awesome, fish tacos too.

    As for the naysayers who want to sit at home with the beer they bought at the LCBO and listen to themselves talk about their artisanal taste… the rest of us will be having a much better time at Tallboys.

  • Michael

    Tim, you invalidated the rest of your post with “all the best ones are in stubbies.” Addressing that sweeping nonsense is barely worth the time it takes to copy and paste it.
    If you’ve never had good craft beer in a can, you’re not looking hard enough. There are many examples, but you can do your own homework – or let these guys do it for you. Seems like they might know a thing or two about it?

  • TJG

    i agree w jesse w.

    “no man’s land”? are u dum?

  • pm

    I’ve been here and it was great. Amazing food, great service, community atmosphere and incredible selection. Since when did something have to be impossible to find at the LCBO to be worthwhile? This is an awesome spot

  • Jimmy

    “I can buy all of these in the LCBO”…is one of the stupidest things i’ve read in awhile

  • ZM

    This place rocks! Craft Beer + Fish Tacos make Homer something something…

  • Tim

    Michael, stubbies are 330ml cans.

  • Peter

    What is wrong with you people? This sounds great…

  • GA

    “No man’s land” – what a typical Toronto Life upper crusted comment! Some of us live here and love here. Why not embrace all of Toronto in your publication for once?

  • dj

    to Jimmy – “I can buy all of these in the LCBO”…is one of the stupidest things i’ve read in awhile
    - you’re a tool, if the place was doing something original or bringing something in you can’t get elsewhere fine, but they aren’t. They go to the lcbo and get a bunch of cans – that’s the concept? And draft beer is better anyway. Have fun pal

  • Tallboys

    We carry a wide array of seasonal beers that are not available anywhere except direct from the brewery. At the moment, we’ve got Neustadt Texas Tea Stout, Mill Gap Bitter, 456 Marzen, Big Dog Porter, GLB Pompous Ass, Apocalypse Later, Wellington’s Terrestrial India Brown Ale, Publican House House Ale, Square Nail Pale Ale, Stonewall Stout. NONE OF THESE are available at the Beer Store or LCBO. We pride ourselves in offering the LARGEST selection of Ontario Craft beer in the province, we hope to see you soon

  • Tallboys

    Thanks for your feedback.
    We do carry 750ml bottles at Tallboys. We actually have a bourbon barrel ages imperial stout from Nickelbrook. We have over 40 different Tallboys, I’m sure you could find something that would suit your palette. We also carry a wide array of seasonal 750ml bottles from Great Lakes, Flying Monkeys, Publican House, Muskoka, and Lake of Bays. We’ve got belgian tripels, quads, stouts, IPA’s. We’ve got it all

  • Tallboys

    No, you cant