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Introducing: Glory Hole Doughnuts, Ashley Jacot De Boinod’s new crowdfunded Parkdale shop

Introducing: Glory Hole DoughnutsAshley Jacot De Boinod’s doughnut journey began about a year ago. Having worked as a pastry chef in some of the best spots in the city (including Buca and Scaramouche), Jacot De Boinod began selling her Glory Hole Doughnuts wholesale to shops like Thor Espresso Bar, Burger Bar and 416 Snack Bar to quite some acclaim. But “the eventual goal was to open a retail space,” she tells us. Despite setbacks in securing a location and finding startup capital for the project (she eventually turned to Indiegogo for crowdfunding), Glory Hole Doughnuts finally got itself a physical space in Parkdale a couple of weeks back.

The shop attracts a dozen or more visitors within 15 minutes of opening at 9 a.m. Designed by Jacot De Boinod and her husband, Rob Dean, who is also behind Glory Hole’s branding, the store has pale green walls and, like the doughnuts, a retro Canadiana vibe. The counter’s façade is made of pieces of chopped wood, and Canadian wilderness scenes are pictured on the wall. The back wall is covered with blackboard paint, and does double duty as a doughnut menu and a place to thank the shop’s various supporters and funders.

The yeast-based doughnuts are made fresh throughout the day and start at $3 for a simple cinnamon-sugar doughnut, ramping up to $3.50 for Black Forest cake, granola and yogurt, pretzel, cookies and cream and chocolate pistachio and topping out at $4.50 for fancy cream-filled doughnuts like banana cream or lemon meringue. A box of six costs $20 flat. Daily, there are specials like cinnamon buns ($4) and doughnut holes, and each week there’ll be a different take on a bacon doughnut. And although there’s just one cake-based doughnut on the menu (lemon ricotta with olive oil glaze), we’re told that there should be a few more in the coming months (the doughnuts at Paulette’s are all cake-based). And since you really can’t eat your doughnut without a cup of joe, organic fair trade coffee is available for $2.

Glory Hole Doughnuts, 1596 Queen St. W., 647-352-4848,, @GHoleDoughnuts

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  • dj

    great spot – highly recommended

  • Doreanne Finnigan

    This place is incredible, having tried a few Doug nuts today. My preference is for a simple cinnamon sugar.
    But isn’t it just so nice to see a doughnut place that finally doesn’t spell it the American way (donuts) ? I am appalled at how difficult it is it find such a place, not even Tim’s does it right.

    Good on glory hole for doing a great jib and making great doughnuts!

  • Big Will

    Big fan of these doughnuts, been following them when they used to sell them at Thor and Lit.

    The new flavours are good, but I long for the original ones I was first introduced to: chicken and waffle, coconut cream and PB&J. Hopefully we will see them offered at some point

  • Karen

    Do Glory Hole doughnuts really exist?

    I too would like to say I’m a big fan of these doughnuts, but every time I’ve driven across the city, we’ve been greeted with completely empty shelves!!!

    Sure, I can watch your Tweets and come back in a hour, but who’s to guarantee there’ll be any there when I arrive?

  • disappointed

    I’ve made the trip few times and unfortunately got nothing more than a coffee because they were sold out of doughnuts – this was early in the day too, an hour after opening. I also witnessed around $100 worth of business walk out the door because there was no product. I get that she’s at it alone and its still very new but perhaps she just isn’t ready for it to be open.

    I also followed their process of checking twitter to see if they have any doughnuts. The 3 times I made the trip, there was no mention of them being sold out but SURPRISE they didn’t have any when I arrived.

    I wanted to like it there really badly but they left a bitter taste in my mouth. I think she needs someone who deals with supply chain management or someone with restaurant business experience to help her, otherwise I’m afraid she may not last much longer.

  • re-electrobford?areyoumad

    need a fix-but everyone beat you there today? then leave your name, stop in at the sister or mezzrow’s for a drink while you wait (avoid the yukon)…have an espresso at poor john’s, browse some antiques at one of the remaining stalwarts of the hood, catch some parkdale scenery….

  • Karen

    Disappointed, I so agree with you! Number one rule of a sucessful business? Have some product to sell!!

  • John Connor

    Been to a few good glory holes in toronto, i try to stay away during pride due to the long line ups though, but its always exciting to get a big cream filled surprise..
    Best donuts ever.

  • asd;flkj

    Who fucks the donuts?

  • Anonymous

    I wanted to love this place, but unfortunately the love for the doughnut wasn’t there. Great friendly counter girl behind the counter – very knowledgeable and helped us pick half a dozen doughnuts, however after taking a bite of the banana cream doughnut it had no flavour as well the doughnut part was stale dollar store tasting. Not trying to be negative, just honest truth. I prefer Krispy Kreme – that’s just my own opinion. Obviously had to try Glory Hole with all the hype and did a great word of mouth vibe but, the hype does not live up to the glory – flavour wise. Friendly staff, unfortunately not much flavour, taste, and texture. Hope this helps!