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Introducing: Moo Milk Bar, the Beach’s new spot for milk and cookies

Introducing: Moo Milk Bar

(Image: Susan Keefe)

There are few ills in this world that can’t be ameliorated with a crisp, chewy cookie and a cold glass of milk. The Beach’s newest bakery, Moo Milk Bar (no relation to Momofuku Milk Bar), is hoping to capitalize on the widespread love of the classic dessert combo. Helmed by New York native Danielle Oron, the milk and cookie joint opened its doors earlier this month, and has been enjoying an enviable amount of foot traffic ever since.

Before moving to Toronto, Oron attended the French Culinary Institute and began her career in the kitchens of Japonaise and Pure Wine and Food. With Moo Milk Bar, Oron wanted to keep things simple. “Everyone is trying to make things fancy,” she told us. “I wanted to bring it back to the basics and make it taste like it’s been made at home.” The shop’s interior echoes this homey appeal: the walls are dotted with vintage kitchen equipment and faded snapshots from the ’20s. Despite the bar’s obvious bovine association, the space is populated with pigs (Oron’s favourite animal) of the ceramic and metallic variety, grazing on green pastures of faux grass. Be advised, there is no seating here: this is strictly a drive-by snacking spot.

Oron has created a simple and sweet menu of gourmet cookies and naturally flavoured milks that she hopes will capture the taste buds of kids in the area. Her daily offerings include everything from the classic chocolate chip to a Cowgirl Cookie studded with micro chocolate chips, chocolate chunks, espresso powder, toffee bits and crushed pretzels (both $2, $5 when paired with a glass of milk, or $10 for half a dozen). Oron’s milks are made using two per cent milk from Hewitt’s Dairy in Hagersville, Ontario. Flavours include vanilla bean, strawberry, banana and (of course) chocolate. For vegans and those who can’t stomach the moo juice, there’s almond milk in the fridge as well. Mini pies ($6.50), bars ($3.50) and ice cream sandwiches ($3) are also available, with new varieties every week. For the party-bound, Oron also creates custom cakes, pies and goodie bags for all occasions.

Moo Milk Bar, 1918A Queen St. E., 647-343-4272,, @MooMilkBar

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  • JT

    It’s Hagersville, with an ‘e’.

  • Toronto Life Staff

    Indeed you’re right JT. We’ve corrected it. Thanks.

  • mary

    i love this concept , excellent

  • Free Advice

    This concept is dead in the water. It’s called a milk bar and there is no bar nor seating!? The theme is dairy and it is decorated with pigs!!

    More than milk and cookies anyone with a cookbook can bake at home is needed to make this work. If cookies is your main product why isn’t in your name? Where is the online shop?

    To the owner: stop focusing on what you like and start thinking about what the customer will pay for.

    Best of luck

  • carlo

    @Free Advice -

    Thanks Gordon Ramsay – I’m sure your obvious experience opening restaurants will be useful. Doubtless more than the founder’s experience at some of NYC’s top restaurants.

    On the other hand: no seating means higher turnover and lower upfront capital costs; cookies are time-consuming batch products and so people pay premiums for them versus at-home construction (same reason people buy starbucks); conficting food-theme design is very popular — see Mesa Grill, Goods and Provisions, etc.)

  • Jon

    @Free Advice Eat some cookies and drink some milk you damn Goof!!

  • Sasha

    Glad to see they have almond milk. It would be great if they could use organic milks – including soy and almond. Are the almond milks flavoured?

    Good luck to you!

  • Mel

    I agree this is obnoxious. Beaches clientele seems to be mostly families (who want a place to sit and take a break with kids) and middle aged people who don’t eat while walking on the street. No chance of finding parking or pulling over to pick up. Supposing it did well in the summer, who would stop by in Winter and carry out a cold milk?
    This places begs for a birthday area. Or bar seating.

  • Mel

    Also surprised for that prize milk isn’t organic.

  • jenny cooper

    What a fabulous addition to the city! Nothing beats a delicious, comforting cookie and a fun twist on a cold glass of milk. Bravo to Danielle to deliver simple and tasty treats with the utmost care! I

  • ++++

    the fact that they had to say it has no relation to momofuku milk bar is embarrassing for them. oron was in NYC and obviously knew about momofuku why would she directly copy it? that is the point of that? at least change it a bit and don’t called your store something so similar to it. looks like all she did was buy the momofuku milk bar recipe book and open a store without changing anything……