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Introducing: Dine on 3, the $35-million facelift to Yorkdale’s food offerings

The central seating area of Dine on 3: not a plastic chair or styrofoam plate in sight

More often than not, eating at a mall food court entails styrofoam plates, disposable cutlery and, at best, indifferently prepared food. But take heart: Yorkdale Shopping Centre’s new elevated food court Dine on 3, taking a cue from last year’s Urban Eatery makeover at the Eaton Centre, is on a mission to change all that. Flooded with daylight and peppered with refined, semi-secluded seating areas, Dine on 3 creates a laid back, luxurious atmosphere that’s a far cry from the crowded, plastic ambience of a traditional food court. Anthony Casalanguida, the general manager of Yorkdale, wanted to create an “oasis” for weary shoppers looking to “refresh and recharge,” and after 14 months of work and a $35-million investment, he’s betting he’s accomplished just that.

The open-concept food court boasts a total of 19 vendors, including a handful of fully licensed sit-down eateries, like the Italian espresso bar Espressamente Illy, Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria and Amaya Express. The usual suspects, like A&W and KFC, are there as well, but they’re sporting sleek storefronts to fit in with the clean lines of Dine on 3. To ensure guests can always snag a seat, the space takes reservations (yes, reservations) that can be made in person or via Yorkdale’s free smart phone app. Oh, and as we told you last week: there’s even a perfume butler.

Yorkdale Shopping Centre, 3401 Dufferin St.,

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  • Jenabee

    Reservations for a food court? I can’t wait for this ghetto food movement to run out of steam.

  • Regan

    It’s about time Yorkdale! Great article, well written!

  • hop

    Reservations for a food court? I can’t wait for this ghetto food movement to run out of steam.

    June 5, 2012 at 8:26 am | by Jenabee

    “Ghetto Food Movement”? What the hell is that even supposed to mean? If anything this goes against the prevailing movement in food service these days, which is to have a policy of not having reservations.

  • Charlie Yu

    As much as I detest shopping malls I commend them for this project. Highly sensible from both a lifestyle and eco perspective.