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Introducing: The Chickery, the new roast chicken joint from David Adjey and Danny Farbman

Co-owners of The Chickery: David Adjey and Danny Farbman

The Chickery opened in early May, seeking to bring yet another lunch option to the hoards of creative-types working in and around the Spadina and King West junction. Behind the QSR (quick-service restaurant, i.e. fast-food joint) are Food Network chef David Adjey (Restaurant Makeover, Nectar) and Danny Farbman, whose latest (and fanciest) What-A-Bagel location is in the same building. The space was done up by Sodi Designs and features two long high-top communal tables, a handful of banquettes and an open kitchen—where you might just see Adjey behind the fryer if you’re lucky.

Adjey and Farbman wanted to offer “fast food like you’ve never had before,” starting with a menu that offers chicken from Beretta Organic Farms and sauces made from scratch daily. Although fast food might seem a strange choice for Adjey, it’s a growing trend among other big chefs like Tom Colicchio (’Wichcraft), Graham Elliot (Grahamwich) and Bobby Flay (Bobby’s Burger Palace). Indeed, Adjey tells us that when he first decided upon opening a chicken joint, he called his Culinary Institute of America roommate Michael Symon, who happened to be eating at the time with Mario Batali and Flay, all of whom chimed in that the concept would be a surefire hit, burgers, pizza and chicken making up a sort of holy fast food triangle. All of this, of course, means Toronto could be seeing more Chickery locations soon if the first one does well.

On the menu at The Chickery, you’ll find roasted quarter chicken ($11 with one side, $15 for two sides), half-chicken ($14 for one side, $17 for two) and whole chicken ($24 for two sides, $30 for four). For fried chicken lovers, there’s buttermilk chicken fingers that come with two, four or six pieces with one or two sides ($9-$18). Most orders include a choice of sides ($4 each when not in a combo), including slaw, sweet potato fries, classic mac-and-cheese and collard greens. Finally, there are sandwiches aimed squarely at the office lunch crowd, like the buttermilk chicken finger or roasted Mediterranean, and salads like the California chopped salad and the Chinese chicken salad (all $13).

The Chickery, 130 Spadina Ave. (entrance on Camden St.), 647-347-2222,, @TheChickery

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  • Rich

    FINALLY.. a chance to pay double what I would for roast chicken from a Portuguese Piri Piri take-out… thanks David!

  • Yan

    Rich, good luck finding a Portuguese Piri Piri serving organic chicken. Next time you eat the Portuguese chicken, be sure to savor the hormones and antibiotics. You can also stand behind a Portuguese chicken joint and eat the leftovers from the trash, that’s when your savings will really kick in!!! I’ll pay a bit extra for quality any day of the week.

  • Michael

    I guess someone edited Hugh’s comment from here. Hugh. Nectar closed 5 years ago. If you ever try to create something positive or remotely newsworthy – I hope that someone’s there to bring up some crap about your past. As for The Chickery…. Best of luck!!!

  • Johnny D

    “In Canada, growth hormones are only given to beef cattle (and not dairy cattle). There are no growth hormones used in poultry or pork production.”

    Antibiotics in animals bred for human consumption is another complicated issue altogether.

    Regardless, if I really want roasted chicken I’ll probably just make it at home, it isn’t all that hard.

  • MrsPotato

    David Adgey?
    I hope this place FAILS. I truly truly do.

  • yazmin

    oh , ah, another fine eating establishment in T.O.

    what a joke , chicken ???

    yum yum ,


  • opl

    I had the 1/4 chicken (dark meat) and my kids had the chicken strips and the verdict is, not good. Considering I ordered dark meat, the chicken was dry and not very tasty. The chicken strips were nothing special for the high price. My boys even said, we should’ve just picked up McNuggets from McDs.

    Although, they did get something right. The cashier/counter staff were very friendly which is very unusual in Toronto.

  • notmatt

    DAVID adjey the homeless look really suits you well…more mediocre food from another hack pseudo celebrity chef…

  • HungryAlways

    I was happy to learn about this place because it’s just a few blocks from my apartment, and my partner and I have been desperate for a decent new joint from which to get takeout. Tried it out a few nights ago and it was a profound disappointment. Organic birds are all well and good, but seasoning was severely lacking in everything — especially the “house gravy,” which tasted almost like nothing. I bear no ill will toward the proprietors, but they’ll really need to step up their game if they want repeat customers. At the risk of sounding low-rent, Swiss Chalet just plain does it better.

  • BG011

    $30 for a whole chicken and some tiny sides… hahahahahahahah

  • russman

    How many failures will Adjey suffer before he gives up? What a masochist!

  • Colleen

    Not for the budget-friendly crowd.

  • WalterPO

    Get a life folks…it’s take out chicken. I hadn’t been to a Macdonalds for eons and last Saturday I dropped into one and nuggets/fries/root beer came to $8+ so the $11 is not outrageousbut then I eat to fill the belly not tilt at culinary windmills.

  • Lisa

    I love this place…the food is delicious!!!

    To all the haters out there if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it!

    And for all of you who haven’t tried it, don’t let the haters influence you, The Chickery is amazing!

  • R

    Amazing food. Have been to chickery twice and both times the food was fantastic.

    Def a must try and judge for yourself. I highly recommend it.

  • bob loblaw

    Stick to the chicken strips and fries at Costco. Better price, better taste.

  • MPW

    As talented as they are, what the hell would Michael Symon, Bobby Flay and Mario Batali know about what would work in TO?

  • Rod

    This place is not the cheapest option on the block, but the food id consistently good.

    It’s a once a week treat for us.

  • Charlie Yu

    Quality, healthy food at a reasonable price …Is your body worth the modest premium over the KFC’s of the world?

  • Charlie Yu

    toronto life will delete your comments if they do not support their view

  • Jimmy John

    This is the best chicken I have ever had, the sides are extremely good and the chicken is perfectly moist and the skin is beautiful. I am glad that there is finally a fast food option that I feel good about buying, The staff are amazing, they obviously like what they do and the food is awesome!! The chicken fingers put everyone to shame!!!
    you have to try it for yourself, i am glad its in the neighbourhood!!

  • Kimmyp

    Wow people.
    How happy are you with your lives that you are knocking a fast food chicken joint?
    This is a venture started by professionals in the industry that take chances, and are always learning and growing. Could you lick your wounds and persevere?
    Yes, I will always support “organic” options when I can, and for this reason I am looking forward to giving The Chickery a try.
    I wish them all the best of success!