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Introducing: Stack, uptown’s new barbecue restaurant (complete with a huge smoker)

(Image: Karolyne Ellacott)

“Anybody can do a good burger,” says Todd Savage, co-owner of Stack, uptown’s answer to Barque. “But being the pit master is a real art form.” Indeed, Savage and his high-school buddy from “about 400 years ago,” Bill Panos, originally intended to devote their new restaurant to on-trend burgers, but ended up deciding it was important to have more options, especially for a family-friendly spot.

With about 30 years in the food business between them, the pair have mixed and matched the best of their respective experiences. Taking over a 4000-square-foot space, the restaurant is spread out over two storeys, with a custom-made chandelier of sorts tying the space together. Built by Philip Scalena of Scalena and Associates, the fixture is composed of three stacked chrome circles with acrylic chips suspended below. A palette of cream and brown runs throughout the place, with red tile accents adding warmth. The most important part of the restaurant, however, is visible in a back corner, contained behind glass: a 1,200-pound Southern Pride smoker.

In addition to burgers and barbecue, the extensive menu has a selection of salads, tacos, paninis and sandwiches, as well as various dessert items. Panos’s year-and-a-half of burger research resulted in 13 variations. The chipotle version features eight ounces of Ontario ground beef, which is grilled on the flat top and brushed with chipotle. The patty is then placed on a Fred’s Bread bun and topped with Monterey Jack alongside dusted jalapeños, fire-roasted corn salsa, avocado and house-made pico de gallo. Finishing off the whole affair are some tortilla strips for added crunch and a squirt of spicy ranch dressing ($12). Stack’s southern-style brisket sandwich is served on a soft bun, topped with crispy onion and drenched in house-made barbecue sauce ($10). There are also lighter options, like a trio of blackened catfish tacos wrapped in corn tortillas and served with pico de gallo and chipotle ranch dressing ($10). Finally, for dessert, Stack has its own take on s’mores: a cone of oven-fresh vanilla-glazed doughnuts loaded up with graham cracker crumbles, chocolate sauce and a pile of mallows ($5).

Stack, 3265 Yonge St., 647-346-1416

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  • MPW

    Hey! A little bit of everything! Yawn.

  • EB

    Looks like food I can make at home.

  • BG011

    Spinach salad with strawberries Hehehehehe
    Get a clue!

  • MisterP

    Some of the best smoked meat I have ever tasted BAR NONE!!!

    Do yourself a favor, try it!!!

  • Laura

    My husband and his friends went to Stack a couple of weeks ago. The service was poor…they ran out of ribs…the place did not make a good first impression.

  • CEH

    Everyone should give Stack a try! The food is fantastic and FRESH and the ambiance and feel of the entire restaurant is amazing. You will not be disappointed unless you can’t appreciate good food!!

  • mmm

    OK so I don’t know that we need another place featuring burgers or those with a Mexican flair but the food doesn’t sound half bad here, and who’s not a sucker for a good set of BBQ ribs?? I’d try it but why does it have to be there??

  • Jono Cono

    Stack is amazing. This was a random find for me and a friend as we were driving up Yonge St. looking for a place to eat lunch before heading back to Ottawa. We couldn’t have found a better place. Someone commented that it looks like food they could make at home. All I have to say is that if you can make what they make and it tastes that delicious I will pay to come over to your house for dinner :-) The smoked meat is just out of this World. Best I have tasted anywhere, best beef taco’s ever, the brisket and pulled pork…WOW. Talk about being in FLAVOUR COUNTRY!!! The doughnuts, oh man, make sure you save some room for the doughnuts, you won’t be disappointed!

    Not only is the food great so is the selection of beers on tap. The ambiance is wonderful and the entire place is well appointed even the stairs and bathroom doors. Nothing was overlooked in designing Stack that’s for sure. Wish we had a place like this in Ottawa and if there already is one someone please tell me now!