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Introducing: Come and Get It, the very temporary Spadina pop-up resto that’ll turn into a condo before you know it

Outside Come and Get It

Back in December, we told you about a mystery pop-up taking over the space once occupied by the Jamaican restaurant Ackee Tree. It’s not so mysterious anymore: Come and Get It opened about a week and a half ago, and is more than aptly named—the building, now owned by condo developers, will be cleared any moment now for the construction of a new condo. The man behind the pop-up restaurant is Jon Polubiec (Mistura, Windsor Arms, Prego, Moveable Feast) with friends Marco Deviato (Windsor Arms), Jay Repovz (Capitol Theatre) and Mark Jarvis (Mavrik Wine Bar) helping out.

As you might expect with a temporary restaurant, there are few permanent fixtures and a heck of a lot of DIY. The seating consists of makeshift tables and counters made of rough plywood, old stools from Little Anthony’s Restaurant (which is going through renos of its own at the moment) and two large picnic tables in the back. The walls are covered in a bright pink-magenta paint, and outside there’s a graffiti-inspired sign painted by local artist Skam. The nostalgic ’90s rec-room vibe is finished off with Archie comics, neon lunchboxes, a poster of Optimus Prime and an N64 system that you can actually play.

The owners take their food—presented in a combinatorial menu—a little more seriously than their décor. The menu starts with the choice of sandwich ($8), salad ($9) or poutine ($7). Then, there’s a choice of how you want it: Chipotle Beef Short Rib, Hawaiian Pork Belly, Granny Smith Chicken Caesar or Herbed Crunchy Green Beans. For example, if you choose the Granny Smith Chicken Caesar Salad, you’ll get crunchy romaine lettuce with pulled chicken, granny smith apples, grana padano cheese, all tossed in a garlic confit Caesar dressing and topped with crispy chicken skin. Of course, the whole operation is here today, but might well be gone tomorrow—so hurry on over before they put up a condo in its place.

Come and Get It, 170 Spadina Ave., 647-344-3416, @comeandgetit416

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  • reality

    9 dollars for a sandwich??? 8 for some shitty poutine???

  • Andrew

    Subway Sandwhiches can cost anywhere between $5 and $10. why not try something different for the same price.

  • Chris M.

    I support the madman Jon Polubiec, and wish him the best in this venture.

  • Tasty Tots

    @ reality
    HaHaHa I Guarantee this kid hasn’t tried the Poutine.
    And Cursing in a blog? Get REAL Bud.

  • Bob Lank

    Beware the Lanks are coming tonight! We can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about and see Sir John!!

  • Merle Kerr

    Jon you have earned your stripes and have worked hard… with your personality and passion for good food.. you are bound to be a success!
    Congratulations and I believe you have tasted lots of poutine in your time:)
    Watch out foodies as I believe that this is just the first step for Jon in the food world!

  • Rena Vatch

    Being a restauranteur myself and always stepping outside of the box, I must applaud you boys for a brilliant idea. I hope to have a taste of your ingenuity before you are gone.

  • Stain

    This makes me laugh ….a true “Pop up” restaurant is not this nice and there illegal ..ya ok …how about Temporary ….that’s more like it

  • Mercedes

    I absolutely love this place the customer service is outstanding as well as the food.These guys are to cool for school!!!We will all miss them around spadina when there gone!!

  • feistyfun

    came here for the first time and got the jerk chicken, which was THE BEST sandwich i’ve had in a long time!! with a salad and drink for $13, how amazing is this deal??

    @reality doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and obviously hasn’t tried it. stick with mcdonalds if you want a $3 meal!