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Rosedale-Summerhill Guide: 23 need-to-know places along Yonge Street’s poshest stretch


With an exquisite, bistro-style interior (exposed brick walls, stylized butchery diagrams), Olliffe screams quality, as do the price tags. Herb-marinated chicken breasts, from naturally raised chickens, are covered in a garden’s worth of parsley, tarragon, rosemary and chives and are moist and flavourful throughout when cooked. An essential stop for the area’s carnivores.

1097A Yonge St., 416‑928‑0296.

(Image: Emma McIntyre)

  • Phil


  • suknew

    Yah! Rebel House. If the staff are reading this…I’m sending my love out to you. I usually drink KLB. The food is absolutely incredible. *mmwwwaaa* Miss you. (I’m 7hrs away)

  • Pete

    Rosedale Diner does not deserve to be on this list. Poor quality food, high prices and perhaps the worst service of any restaurant in the area.

    What about All the Best?

  • shopaholic

    While this list is well and good there are some serious missteps! First of all…L’Atalier. Landmark and amazing home decor as well as inspiring atmosphere. Next…SHOPNYLA! The ONLY place in the neighborhood to get the newest and best in trend for women and men (oh yes mens! A little birdie told me that this will be in store in the summer). The list is appreciated but it is far from complete.

  • shopaholic

    my mistake L’Atalier is on the list…but NYLA isn’t…Thats a major oversight.

  • neena

    What about Belle Epoque?

  • Irene

    Love the Rosedale Diner! My favourite brunch in the city! The best scallops, lamburger, burgers! I love the entire menu! Pleez Pete?? (All the best IS on the list) They’ve been there since the 70′s. I will be patron as long as they bless me with their friendly service :)

    A very happy neighbourhood resident. Hi Jay and Powell and pretty Texan girl at Pete Thuet! I’ll be in for my weekend croissant and green tea ;)
    Thanks to every merchant on the list, we are spoiled by you..

    And yes, the list should include:
    The Harvest Wagon
    Pisces Gourmet
    Nyla and the Tea shop across the street..

  • Miriam

    Where is Cava? Or Quanto Basta?

  • joan

    I think the Quail deserves a mention…and MY FAVOURITE.

  • Foodguy

    Miriam- Cava is not in the specified neighbourhood.

  • Tim

    Why doesn’t Black Camel order enough buns? If I got there and the sandwiches were sold out, I’d not be back again. It doesn’t create some sort of prestige to have to say: oh my god, we don’t know how to order for the demand we have! Aren’t we ther picture of posh and demand?

    God I can’t wait to stand in line for 20 mins to find out I can’t even get a sandwich, would be the highlight of my Saturday. I’d feel so cool just standing in line at the place, ya know.

  • Samantha

    I was reading the list of restaurants and noticed you failed to mention Earth Restaurant at 1055 Yonge St. It is one of my favourites in the city, and am quite disappointed it has not been added to this list.

  • M

    I hope in the future we get to see a list of Yonge and Eglinton!!

  • ChrisToronto

    What? No Chair, Table, Lamp? 1212? Artifacts? Decorum? Not exactly comprehensive.

  • Sarah

    Very disappointed Nyla is missing

  • G

    Rebel House definitely belongs on the list. Great food and a wonderful patio in the back. It does get busy though, so be prepared to wait for a table in the summer months.

  • Coco TO

    As a happy Summerhill resident, I’m loving how passionate everyone is with their comments. We are so lucky to live in one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in the city. Keep supporting our merchants, we have a lot to be thankful for. Doria should also be added :) It’s a staple in the community.

  • LocalGal

    What the review of “Advice from a Caterpillar” fails to mention is the truly exorbitant costs of the childrens clothes in the store… such that all but a few can afford to purchase.

  • Coco TO

    Oh please LocalGal, shop somewhere else then. I can’t imagine rent is cheap. There are plenty of other stores in the city that would be happy to take your money.

  • M.Dancer

    Well…it is on Price St…

  • C

    Absolutely need the Monk’s Table on that list.

  • Yeasmin

    How could you miss Monk’s Table?

  • as

    I love this area of Toronto and enjoy doing my power walk/run from bloor to st. clair (mostly uphill) it is a beautiful array of shops and restaurants

  • Graeme Laing

    The list is far from complete. Missing The Monk’s Table, Most Furniture, Urban Eden Flower Shoppe, Earth Restaurant, Blooms, Dog Father, Putti, Avant Gout, Cafe Dora. Many fabulous places to visit and shoppe. By the way the Summerhill Market is about 3 kilometers east of this area not really on the strip!

  • betty

    I can’t imagine this guide was written by a woman who buys clothes?
    Nyla is one of the top two boutiques in the city for contemporary. Yes TNT is the other.

  • anna

    You’ve also missed Caffe Doria – a staple of that strip. Great pizza and salad and a perfectly placed patio!

  • C’est What??

    What about Pizza Hut in the Starbucks/Rogers mall? Hellloooo…

    Seriously people… stop arguing about what is/is not on this list. The whole area is beautiful and we all have our personal faves.

    Plus, this is a very hard area to define, in terms of the “overall feeling” because there is a mash of “posh and snooty” along with “good down to earth” folks walking around all the time. Hard to please both crowds (ahem, one crowd in particular).

  • MLM

    Gee Salon is amazing — ask for Bree (I think that’s her in the picture!) for threading and make-up, she’s the best!

  • barbara

    I would like to add to this list too!

    I do spin classes at Totum, buy my tea from The House Of Tea, and shop for clothes at Nyla.

  • Dave Wilson

    The Rosedale Diner is quite possibly the worst restauraunt in the city. I have never had such horrible service. I suggest skipping this excuse of a dining establishment on ones tour of Rosedale/Summerhill.

  • john j wood

    Even now in the 21st century if you want to buy a bottle of wine in this up market area of toronto you must do so in a government liquor store. How provincial can you get

  • john j wood

    Even in this so called up market area you still after all these years have to buy your wine in a government LCBO store. Oh how sophisticated.

  • Caroline

    Cafe dorria? really? everyone knows that the best food is at petit gourmet and then the best pastries (pre move) were at patachou. now patachou sucks. i think most of the ‘residents’ hail from more distant parts, like oshawa. do some research toronto life. you cannot find a better lunch in this city.

  • Tori L

    What about Studio1098? Beautiful pieces and great custom jewellery designs … just downright fun to check out!

  • NathanT

    One blatant omission to this article is Artifacts, in a beautiful historical building across from the LCBO (west side of Yonge Street). With women’s clothing and accessories, furniture, and home decor items, it’s a very unique store on the strip. And the people who work there couldn’t be nicer.

  • Patti Coyne

    First of all I am writing on as the co owner of Delineation Hair & Skin Essentials who used to be located at 2409 Yonge St. but is now located at 1110 Yonge St I know for many years we advertised in Toronto Life . I would have assumed that you would update your listings on your website of store locations within a year. It was my web person who brought this to my attention this morning. I have just viewed the website and now notice a feature of the Rosedale Summerhill area. Our address is now 1110 Yonge Street. I am very disappointed to not have been contacted about this editorial. I believe since we have been considered a landmark for haircare in the city of Toronto since 1982 its unfortunate not to receive support from one of the city’s better known publications. .
    Independant Business owners
    Patricia Coyne& Michael Victor