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Top Chef Canada picked up for a third season

Top Chef Canada has just been picked up for a third season, and Food Network Canada is looking for a fresh batch of competitive cooks. Hoping to be one of them?  The questions on the 23-page application range from training (“Have you attended a culinary school or any other cooking program?”) to the not-so-food-specific (“Describe your most embarrassing moment”). The form and a five-minute video are due June 19, so there’s still plenty of time for applicants to bone up on their best offal-prepping skills. After the first season, critics (and commenters) complained that the cast wasn’t diverse enough to represent Canada—and the show did indeed put together a less white and less male cast for season two. Anything you’re hoping to see in season three? Let us know in the comments.

  • Chan Can

    Same way you get new Chefs competing, change the judges and the hostess. She has got to be the most annoying person and as for Mark Mcewan, he is last decade’s news.

  • MPW

    This proves there is no god.

  • Tom

    Let’s have more chefs from somewhere other than Ontario and B.C.


    Like to see reduction/elimiantion of ‘gimmicky’ challenges and unrelated crossover personalities (Mike Holmes, Kenny vs Spenny, etc).

    And would love to see Top Chef Masters Canada for Season 3!

  • BG011

    Top Chef Masters Canada!!!

  • MPW

    Top Chef Masters Canada? What are you smoking? The shallow end of the talent pool!