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Toronto to host a Dîner en Blanc next month (for real this time)

Paris’s 2011 Dîner en Blanc, in front of the Notre Dame cathedral (Image: Luc Legay)

Last year, Suresh Doss helped organize a test run of Dîner en Blanc, the annual Paris-founded foodie event where diners show up at a secret location for a picnic-cum-flash mob, all clad in white. This year, Toronto will be hosting its first-ever official event, on August 9, at a location that will only be revealed right before the dinner itself. Diners are expected to bring their own picnic food, tables, chairs, napkins and glasses, and are instructed to leave the site in the condition they found it. Tickets are reserved for “close friends of the organization,” but for the less august, there’s a waiting list you can join. We imagine it’ll be a long one. [Dîner en Blanc]

  • Kaitlin

    Shame it’s for “close friends of the organization.” I mean, really, I don’t issue press releases when I have friends for dinner. What’s the point?

  • gerrard

    Hands down the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I get to join a waiting list to bring my own food, table and chairs to sit with complete strangers in a random location (probably in a park with bums sleeping on benches, very romantic).

  • mattagascar

    Stupid sheep.

  • Carole

    Either you love the idea or you don’t. But the idea that invites go out through word of mouth, means you aren’t eating with complete strangers. And even if you are, sometimes complete strangers can be charming.

  • cathie

    I have to agree with Gerrard. This whole thing sound just plain stupid.

  • Neda

    Don’t knock it till you try it! There was an “unofficial” one here last year too and it was a blast!

  • cathy

    its a great event with many interested participants worldwide for over 24 yrs…but the toronto sceen is a tought one to crack it seems. must be the chilly climate. from the recent comments, seems like there is little desire to try something new, different and be a part of it. are you also the type of people who rush out of the theatre to beat the traffic rather then applaude for a performance well done?

  • chad

    NOISE!!!!!!! I have to work at 5 am and Fort York is banging away again!!! whats with all these loud events this year?

  • Barb

    So much fun! Just participated in the event this evening and it was a blast! You could order your food and wine or bring your own (food only) and it brought everyone together for no reason, other than for fun!

  • annichou

    Torontonians need to loosen up and find their inner bohemian chic and/or vintage sides to enjoy simple social things like that.
    It feels magical to be there and experience it, and the money goes to the preparations (location booking, tables, entertainment,…)