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Captured: New Hogtown Smoke food truck draws huge lunchtime lineups

By some magical twist of fate, the two parking lots directly to the east and the north of the Toronto Life offices have become ground-zero for the city’s still-nascent food truck scene. Today, there were a record four trucks in the lot at Queen and Jarvis: Blue Donkey Streatery, Gourmet Bitches, Buster’s Sea Cove and the new barbecue truck Hogtown Smoke, which, as you can see, siphoned off the lines from the rest, thanks in no small part to the intoxicating smell of smoke emanating down the block.

  • s. Lee

    Why do people want to eat food made in trucks? No time to sit down and enjoy what keeps you alive?

  • Brady

    Checked out Hogtown today at lunch. Had the brisket and although the brisket is very good the price is outrageous. $14 for a sandwich and a drink?? Not to mention the sandwich is 90% bun and a little tiny bit of meat…love the foodtruck concept but they are all insanely overpriced. I am done with foodtrucks until they come back to reality on value.

  • BG011

    Hey Lee,

    Have you ever tried sex standing up? I mean the bed is cool and all, but sometimes an upright quickie does the job and keeps us alive :P

  • Henry Corbusier

    In the photograph everyone is slouched over, plainly dressed and a touch over weight. Is this the demographic these polluting “trucker” kitchens cater to? This pathetic scene needs to be sent to the edges of the city.

  • CJ Hamburger

    Well Henry – are you not just the most judgemental, arrogant ray of sunshine! Why not keep your awful opinions to yourself??? What do you look like? post a pic so we can all point and laugh.

  • Holly Beef

    Wow seems to be some serious smack talking going on. I would have joined earlier but was eating my $14.00 HUGE MEAT little bun sandwhich…and couldn’t get online.
    I actually thought the boys and men that were working looked as delicious as my sandwhich. I think it is a fantastic idea – and can reach out to all area’s of the city. Although I work on Bay Street and dress in a suit
    I certainly wouldn’t expect them to wear one! Life is to
    short – grab a sandwhich and gorge it down!