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Street Food Block Party recap: a night of food trucks, lobster rolls and very enthusiastic eaters

(Image: Caroline Aksich)

In a line that snaked around the Evergreen Brick Works, well over 3,000 street food enthusiasts waited patiently for the first ever mash-up of Food Truck Eats and the Toronto Underground Market: the Street Food Block Party. The keeners at the front of the line counted down, and at five on the nose they raced into the venue trying to hit crowd favourites such as La Carnita, which has been known to draw lines with hour-long waits. By 7 p.m., the venue was stuffed tighter than a tin of sardines, but despite the tangled, weaving lineups, there was nary a disgruntled face to be seen as people danced to live music and enjoyed the Cinco de Mayo–themed goodies (read: tons of tacos) the 20 food vendors and 11 food trucks provided. To make sure the party roared well into the night, there were two menus: an early bird menu from 5 to 8 and a late night menu from 9 to 12. Take a tour of the festivities, in our gallery »

  • bob


  • Liz.C.

    How did I miss out on this !?!?!?!?!!!

  • Sheri

    Suresh Doss for mayor! Here’s a man who can get things done — and things that Toronto WANTS.

  • ka

    was it advertised???

  • Toronto Life Staff

    @Liz.C. and ka:

    We posted a story when the tickets went on sale, but they did sell out in a few hours:

  • June

    Just imagine if we could get this kind of grub from street vendors…………omg!

  • Lauren

    Wish you’d stopped by the Elle Cuisine booth! We were serving pulled pork nachos and smoked chicken & charred corn grilled cheese with mole ketchup! Maybe next time :) P.S. Great photos!!

  • Toronto Life Staff

    Hey Lauren,

    We just added a pic of your nachos to the end of the slideshow!

  • mj

    i saw the girl with the bangs. she was really rude to the people in line in front of her.complaining someone “butted”, made a huge deal about it to the food truck. what are you in grade 4? i observed that the person had other friends in line and stepped away for a moment. honestly toronto life staffers should be a bit more cautious of how they act in public as its a reflection on the magaine. it was an event with lots of messy line-ups. dont be a cry baby next time. it was embarrasing for you and for Toronto Life.

  • MH

    I happen to know the author of this article very well and the incident you’re talking about simply did not occur, at least not involving her. If there was some “girl with the bangs” who made a fuss in line, it certainly wasn’t her; she never even waited in line, she was only there to do interviews. Maybe you’re confusing someone “with bangs” wearing a Toronto Life T-shirt with someone who actually works for Toronto Life.

  • Lauren

    Hi Caroline,

    Thanks so much for uploading the photo!

    Those were actually our Cinco de Mayo themed Dessert Nachos (with chile infused dark chocolate sauce, homemade dulce de lecce, homemade tortilla chips dusted with cinnamon sugar, Mescal infused whipped cream).

    Thanks again!!


  • Stephka

    What an event. Seriously wow. The great food trucks ( from far as Ottawa and Buffalo) to the fantastic selection of wine and beer (all local), just wow.

  • rather peckish

    it was a fun time, i have some photos from the event here,



  • KP

    When is the next one? Where can I sign up?

  • Had To Go

    Food was great; event fun. However, one drawback was the THREE security guys stationed in front of the men’s washroom to keep women out because one of the security guards found it “personally morally offensive” women would refuse to wait in a 30 minute line-up at the women’s washroom and were instead using the men’s where there was no line-up. The security resources that went into that…

  • mmm

    What on earth is a “sustainably caught” lobster?? Was it handled with greater care before being cooked alive than some regular lobster, or is this just another catchy buzzphrase / disclaimer used so people don’t have to feel bad for eating a living thing?

  • mmm

    I hope that boar head in image 4/41 isn’t real and if it is, hopefully it was “sustainably caught”.

  • Waiting

    I loved the event, and I have been 2 other times. The insanity of the parking and the line ups were unlike any other time I have gone. Is there a way to fix this? I found it took away from the experience.

  • T

    Should do this again but at an outdoor park or venue, so more ppl can join. I tried buying tickets on the first day it was available and it was sold out. So disappointed.