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West coast firm launches Toronto street food app

A somewhat more street food–laden map than Toronto’s (Image: Tatlow Park)

Toronto’s insatiable appetite for street food has not gone unnoticed. Today, Vancouver-based firm Tatlow Park Software launched a free street food iPhone app for Toronto called Street Food Toronto, which maps out vendor locations and hours, describes their offerings and displays customer ratings. The company has already designed apps for Calgary, Vancouver and Boston—cities with street food options more varied than Toronto’s current menu of hot dogs, hot dogs and more hot dogs, with a smattering of trucks. Tatlow Park collects info from vendors through its website as well as through vendor Twitter and Facebook accounts, and even allows local food-lovers to weigh in with inaccuracies right in the app. Sure, the launch feels a tad premature—despite the success of food truck festivals and underground markets, many new street food vendors are too mired in red tape to get rolling. Still, the firm is optimistic. Even with fewer trucks on the street than in other cities (at the moment, only Food Cabbie is shown as open), Tatlow Park sees Toronto’s growing excitement over street food as a sign that the app is poised to take off. [h/t]