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Provincial Tories float the possibility of allowing corner stores to sell booze

(Image: Karl Baron)

Shrewdly, the provincial Progressive Conservatives are taking the momentum established by the Free Our Beer petition and running with it. Yesterday, PC finance critic (and Thornhill MPP) Peter Shurman called for the province to hold off on plans to build 70 new LCBO stores. Instead, he said the government should move to allow convenience stores to pick up the slack by selling beer and wine. What’s more, he’s pushing for 24-hours-a-day liquor sales to be considered, if not quite implemented immediately. Could this all be a ploy to gain support for the upcoming September 6 by-elections? Probably. But we’d imagine a lot of thirsty Torontonians wouldn’t care, if it meant the liberalization of liquor sales. [Toronto Star]

  • Sophon Chou

    Somehow, I’m not surprised that the Tories are backing this plan to have convenience stores sell booze. Now can they come up with a plan on how they are going to make up all that lost revenue for the province without selling out to China? Do you Really need booze at 4am? Really???

  • re-electrobford?areyoumad

    why do all the lcbo related stories get spammed?

  • Victor Ward

    I am more concerned that the supermarkets are not being mentioned. I would like to see the same model they use in the UK and other civilized places which don’t treat their adults like children. As for the worry that it would encourage under-age drinking, that is surely a scare tactic that can easily be dismissed. Checkouts staffed by adults that can perform age checks is not beyond the realms of possibility.

  • glenn Michael

    Once again the assumption by the populace that if anyone else sells Wine or beer or spirits the revenue will fall for the province.
    No, the revenues will increase as the cost of running and administering provincial stores is not being deducted from the revenues going into the Provincial coffers.

    increasing sales will also add to the Province.

    And by the way the “Beer Store” chain here in Ontario is a private enterprise folks, and it makes lots of money for the province and its foreign owners.

    Just saying…

  • Sophon Chou

    @@Victor- Yes, all of the civilized UK drinkers go to the Auchaun in France, load of their booze into their mini cargo vans, and drive across the boarder. It’s a great idea, but I’m sure the UK could be benefiting from all those missed tax dollars. Aren’t the British known to have a few riots recently due to rising taxes, budget issues, and the lost of their services like rising tuition? Also, why would we want to make the Weston family more money, when we could make the province more money to fund essential services?
    I ask again, where do you think this money is going to come from without the LCBO?

  • glenn Michael

    In Alberta where the Biz is 100 % Privatised every bottle is purchased though an alberta gov’t warehouse where it is then delivered to private stores.
    As it would, in some way, be handled here.
    the Taxes collected and how much would be a choice of the Ontario Government of the day. Some profits on then marking up the products (after purchasing them at the government warehouse or paying the neccesary taxes) would be allowed in a competitive manner where service / Pricing and selection would determine the business’s success, no?

    The issue in the above story was allowing some smaller stores to sell alcohol in some limited manner rather than spending $$ (from the Government take home) on new stores. Bricks cost money and as do long term leases.

    FYI corner stores have sold Booze in Quebec and in Most of the English speaking world for at least 80 years and the Booze in corner stores seems to be a small issue compared to other ones in all of these places.

  • Eartha Tinkywickle

    Down with Fascist LCBO !!!!!! Give us freedom to choose like Montreal or Seattle or Tokyo or ….

  • george

    The ” Beer Store ” is owned by three countries, USA, Belgium, and Japan. Not one cent comes to the Province. Thanks to the Mike Harris government!

  • Rose Mirvish

    LCBO=TheBeerStore=Corporate Facsism

  • Rose Mirvish