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The latest opponent to corner store booze: craft brewers

Just because a corner store sells beer, doesn’t mean the selection will look like this (Image: Ewan Munro)

When we polled Dish readers about whether corner stores should be allowed to sell beer and wine, the results were a resounding “yes please right now.” But in an article on Torontoist, several craft brewers raise a red flag. As Ken Woods of Black Oak Brewing puts it, “Have you ever taken a look in a convenience store and seen any artisanal products, like artisanal potato chips?” And, though we might point to places like Barton Snacks as an admittedly weak counterexample (it’s not really a convenience store), Woods has a point: just because your local corner store sells beer doesn’t mean the beer it sells is any good. Read the entire story [Torontoist] »

Are you a craft brewer with an opinion on the matter? Get in touch.