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New LCBO wine tags explicitly spell out sugar content

This sauvignon blanc has 3 grams of sugar per litre, making it extra dry (Image: LCBO)

Wine tasting notes are notorious for purple prose and overly impressionistic descriptions, and it’s not always easy to glean that most basic of factors: how sweet the darn thing might be. Luckily for Ontarians, the LCBO has started putting up new bin tags that list the actual sugar concentrations in honest-to-goodness grams per litre. The Globe and Mail’s Beppi Crosariol explains the new numbers replace the previous sugar scale, which ranged from zero to 15 and was frankly a little opaque. The new tags will also take the sugar-acid balance into account by including one of five terms on the tag: extra-dry, dry, medium, medium-sweet and sweet. [Globe and Mail]