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Hoping to attract Bay Street suits, Trump Tower announces new lobby bar named Suits (get it?)

Executives who appreciate the power of a good stiff drink will soon have a new second home in the Trump International Tower: the “elegant,” “dynamic” and yes, even “bespoke” Suits Lobby Lounge. The venue, which is described in a press release as a “sophisticated and welcoming destination for those après work or as an appetizer to the evening ahead,” will be opening alongside Stock restaurant and the rest of the hotel on January 31, 2012. Master sommelier John Szabo and the mixology team are promising a roster of “exceptional libations,” including a selection of super-luxe international labels—indeed, several wines, as well as a touted cherry blossom-infused vodka, will be unique to the Trump. For those who prefer their drinks standard luxe, Suits will also offer biodynamically produced wines and local craft beers, plus some antioxidant protein shakes for, say, the corporate brand consultant on the go.

Suits Lobby Lounge, 325 Bay St.

  • Stella

    A goodbye party locale??

  • Restos in TO

    Suits: Exceptional super-luxe libations après work…sounds about right lol

  • Schmitter

    what a lame name. Did somebody or some company actually get paid to comes up with these names?

    it’s a sorry state of affairs for bar/restaurant names in this city.

  • BG011

    Trump Tower will be an excellent place for that hooker, from a few issues ago, to take her clients for some bam-chika-bawow ;)

  • CuliNerd

    Did some body say Hooker? Looks around discretely, eyes wandering hahahaha. Oh the great powers of a place that sells expensive everything. Hookers/Gold diggers and my future ex wives.

  • Francois

    A very unfortunate logo.

  • parkdaleeater

    thank goodness it has the ‘tm’ on the logo-i can’t imagine how many are lined up to use it or steal it…

  • Derek T

    I saw Duggan’s #9 on tap there…Yes! Can’t wait to stop in after work!