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Cupcake trend reaches its logical conclusion with new flavoured vodka

(Image: Cupcake Vodka)

Underdog Wine and Spirits, an American alcohol producer, is introducing a new niche market vodka aimed, supposedly, at the adult millennial (and not at 14-year-old girls): Cupcake Vodka. The dessert-inspired spirit comes in a variety of flavours, including Original (which we’re assuming tastes like, um, cake), Chiffon, Devil’s Food and Frosting. Cupcake Vodka is also six-times distilled to “remove impurities while delivering a mouth-feel reminiscent of an indulgent delicious treat.” Given the LCBO’s aversion to booze that might appeal to youngsters, we don’t think we’ll be seeing this in Toronto any time soon.

Wine consultant and writer Doug Frost, who consulted on the product development, describes the vodkas as having a “velvet silkiness, [a] distinctive texture and a smooth finish…they capture purity of flavour to achieve a super-premium taste.” Unsurprisingly, Underdog Wine and Spirits has been cornering the dessert-inspired alcohol market—the company also owns Cupcake Vineyards, which makes, ahem, cupcake-flavoured wines. We can’t help but be reminded of Jessica Simpson’s line of Dessert cosmetics—another baking-influenced gimmick that seems aimed at 14-year-olds more so than adult women. If the vodka tastes in any way like these lickable beauty products, we’ll pass. Actually, we’ll probably pass either way.

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