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Couples that drink together stay together

Relationship harmony in a glass (Image: Andrew Magill)

Here’s more alcohol news we can toast: in addition to helping people get their foot in the door, a little bit of booze could help a romantic relationship last, too. According to a new study from University of Buffalo and University of Mississippi researchers, couples that drink together feel “increased intimacy and decreased relationship problems the next day” compared to those who drink without their partner or, interestingly, not at all. Whether the partners drink heavily or lightly doesn’t matter so much, as long as they drink roughly the same amount together—though a bad hangover is never an aphrodisiac.

The study has a couple of caveats. For one, the test group was young—participants were 20 to 21 years of age—and it was composed mostly of college students. Throw a career and a couple of kids into the mix and it might be a different story. And, of the 69 heterosexual couples studied (how do they pick these numbers, anyway?), only seven of them were married.

Still, we can picture the T-shirts already. Alcohol: helping couples forget their contempt for one another since 2010.

Alcohol and romantic relationships: A good or bad mix? [PhysOrg]

  • Megan

    The couples were 20-21 years of age? What does ‘stay together” mean? Over the course of a college semester? Come on.

    Show me the marriages that have lasted 40 years – I want to see how THOSE couples stayed together. Not a bunch of young people who are still early in their party years.

  • Allison

    Based on my own experience, I couldn’t agree more with these findings. My partner and I have developed a mutual passion and hobby just from enjoying drinking wine together. When one or both of us is having a bad day, it’s fun to be able to kick back and have a glass of wine together. Or two!

    Read about our forays into the world of wine at:

  • suknew

    Hilarious. For all who are in relationships where you feel you are not heard. Just show the headline. He/she won’t ask about the details.

  • ks

    20 – 21 year olds? come on. who the hell knows anything at 21! I do have to agree though that later on, in your 30′s when you know yourself and your partner, drinking together definitely does help you stay together. Including the mysery of recovering together…I know couples where if one partner doesn’t participate there exists a huge disconnect and usually leads to battles. hiding, lying, sneaking aorund.
    Have a drink or two and make out lots :)

  • Rhea Maretta

    This article gave me a chuckle… I think we still have the misconception that when we say “drinking” we mean drunkenness. My fiance and I enjoy a mutual passion and enjoyment for good quality wines and the finer quality spirits. We shop together for a nice wine choice then come home and cook a gourmet dinner then set down and enjoy the fruits of our labour together. It really does bring us and keep us closer. It’s not so much the drinking in itself that is the bond but rather more the ritual.

  • rrp

    HA! what a joke. you call this a story? Ive been married for 22 years (consecutively btw to the same man) we hardly ever drink. We find other interesting things to do. Expand your mind and soul and you’ll figure out theres more things to do then sit and drink just so you can have a good relationship with your partner. I’m not saying dont drink. But dont focus on the must have drink to keep a relationship.

  • greg smith


    doesn’t personality and hard work make relationships work…..this article should be taken off the site, the editor needs to think a little more before they post articles

  • Clark

    If you they want to take this study to the next level they should investigate couples that play drinking games together stay together. It seems through these games couples learn about each other on a different level. Don’t overestimate being silly together it is very bonding. Add alcohol to the mixture and you have a recipe for a long lasting relationship and….wait for it……. check out he best game for that Drinkopoly “the Blurriest game ever”… google it! DO IT!!!