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LCBO bans Dan Aykroyd’s cool-looking vodka-filled skull

Former (and possibly future) Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd has offered a drink to Ontario liquor stores, only to be turned down like an old man at a Queen’s University bar. Crystal Head Vodka—which comes in a clear skull-shaped bottle—has been banned for sale at the LCBO because, apparently, mixing skulls and alcohol doesn’t convey the best marketing message. “The image of the human skull is the thing that’s really problematic for us,” LCBO spokesman Chris Layton told the Globe. “That’s an image that’s commonly associated with death. It’s especially problematic at a time when there are concerns around binge drinking by younger adults, which in some cases, unfortunately, has resulted in alcohol poisoning.”

Aykroyd sees it a little differently: “This is a decision that’s been made reflecting the appeal of the product, because the board is rightly concerned that underaged drinkers may go to illegitimate means to obtain a bottle of Crystal Head, maybe steal it or whatever.”

At around $60 a bottle, teenagers would almost have to steal it instead of, say, getting someone to buy it for them (giving three $20 bills to the skittish dude hanging out in front of the liquor store isn’t the best idea). So we’re not all that surprised that the LCBO would take this hard stance, especially since the province has OK’d the vodka for restaurants and on-line sales. We are shocked, however, that Dan Aykroyd is involved in something marginally cool.

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